Elena Brodovich (Pershina)

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Satin stitch embroidery for beginning technology of performance (video)  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Well she is small following lessons In this tutorial I will show you how to embroider, we just at the next lesson we will embroider light more time writing methane or before otebal decorative flower twirled
  • 00:30: petals and above this came through the periodic art case today will embroider small leaf this scheme leaf and decorate pick up strings contour best i can sheathe suture knob and draw directions stitches
  • 01:01: We begin to embroider short and long chips the first row of the rest series can embroider outbreaks of the same genes Karapet writes
  • 01:35: Route the site guts they did not pay pour off the forklift pockets under to be seen tissues were close to each other edges should be smooth second time I
  • 02:10: padding and smoke and pupils first row embroider the second part
  • 02:51: and gate laid without entering them will return contour discipline and over to pave Child in length then embroidered top Put the seam I laid at the bodies in
  • 03:22: any direction as the I do not feel uncomfortable This mistake is all of I wish embroiderers you now show It might look like your leaf Saw not only poor sometimes you grab yet counter foxes circuit. then I'll show you how These stitches can be
  • 03:53: used as nail for bulk gravel embroider and hair gut for paving contour line and me
  • 04:23: lower the direction of a pressure the bottom layer and schools Our little embroidery raised and the will volume I embroider silk
  • 04:55: threads of you choose any and a company and any green that you like as you can change image draw your picture only use these elements that sitting on a chair small items
  • 05:48: bulk brink sumptuously looks there embroidery machines Well Well, our petal volvulus and finish village you good to meetings