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  • 00:00: hey guys I I wanted to share you this project it's my first design project from Debbie and Debbie n is from the finish vintage garden calm and I love this print lookit it's just gorgeous it calls fect oven romance and I will put a link below where you can buy it it's fabulous
  • 00:33: really really let's go let's go show you this album I always also like to tell you this one is special made for my very very best friend she is recently divorced and just right now she's hard working on her new house and I specially made for her so and I'll put the cover I like Lou a big key on it and an Akiho
  • 01:06: so this is the key for a new life and and for for ya for new life to begin and I'll use the color see like a new house is very natural with grey and white and brown and I love it so I'll hope this one gets a little spots for it and I hope you like it
  • 01:38: so I'm Elise this one specially for you and let's let's go into the cover it's it's made for a mixed-media and tissue paper grey to white balance elements nice flowers on the spine I use just two blonds embellishments and on the back if you can see it's a little gate I just
  • 02:09: cut it from paper and it's it's closed so so forget about the past and let's go further out on your life just open it and the spyder close your eye I'll make just with a chain and I'll put four keys on it here's some little one for cheese on it
  • 02:39: just keys for a new life to open and how does this open magnetic just magnetic so let's go inside and as you see it's such a lovely lovely drawn link it's you can print it out let's see let's flip it - I also want to mention this album is a
  • 03:11: two-in-one it's a scrapbook mini album and a junk journal all in one you see when I flip - oh and I'll explain at the end how I do that but just let's flip - I'll put a lot of cards into the whole album and I just read one the letter the
  • 03:42: the rest of it she can read it by yourself but I like to with you this one for deep within your soul is a door that opens into a world wonder open the door and let the magic in oh that's so far so and I put a key on it just open the door yeah now the first page is just a flip tools you can put a photo on and it's journaling spots and
  • 04:13: on the inside just two cards this one's from the kids and this one I'll cut out if you see out so you can have extra spots and each a scrapbook page I'll have a big tag where you can put a nice photo or journaling spot on it and this one I'll
  • 04:43: had to make a pocket put craft it is and for people who ask I'll use the Creoles dye and that's this one I'll use it to the whole album just this one love it Creoles and now we'll come to the junk
  • 05:13: John apart let's flip a to here's a stock bastard with toc-toc spots this is coffee diet this one I plan from there be ends this one I love it's a big doily and I print it out oh it works so nice you use a for loop or for for your printer just glued just use a little
  • 05:44: washi tape and you can put it out it's so nice I love it this one is actually how you call it paper for web your Wellington I just love it so I had to buy it and at the other thought yes it's lovely for Jung ji oh no this one's coffee diet and I use on Martha Stewart poems this one
  • 06:14: WMS and here is a little envelope disclosure and we have a little tag in it and it just closes this way and as you see this one I'll use my envelopes to cover the the knot and this one is where all the pages put together and if you don't like any piece of it she
  • 06:46: can just whip it out as you can see you can pull it out and you can pull it in and it's all that's just my dream journal page it's the other side from the doily and it goes on and on now the next plots will come to a scrapbook page this one flips open and if you see this one
  • 07:18: and here's also a pocket with the tag in it love it let's go to the outside oh I forgot I forgot a big tag in here also and to the other side and this one I love it's there just for small pockets but on each side and each on each pocket there's a little note I just pull two out so I can show you a smile is the
  • 07:50: best thing you can wear yeah so all four are just little clothes now we'll come to the next junk journal signature I love this paper coffee die Debbie ends this one this one is a how you call it just a normal envelope and I saw Debbie and pointed her envelope and I thought yeah let's do that lets try
  • 08:22: knit out and it's gorgeous look how pretty this boring envelope looks like when you print something on it oh it's it's absolutely stunning just put a little card in it love it Thank You Debbie Ann for the tip and that's why I come up to come up with ID to use a big doily to print it out yeah just got a tip and I just went to
  • 08:54: there's also come from the kids a little a little a little envelope coin back how you call it also covers the not love it no nuts lots lots of gloom to write on or puts nice photos on it this coffee light let's the other side from the envelope just cost in it look how pretty little tuck spots love it and then we'll
  • 09:25: come to the next scrapbook page this is a little door that opens up and you can put a nice photo on it how lovely is that easy and simple he looks a little taken it's and this one is also a little tag a little tuck spot and here is also
  • 09:57: you can put a nice photo on it or whatever she like to do with it then the next junk journal signature also the old looks fabulous to see other points oh look how cute their be and printable and on this side I print it also away from Debbie ends the the lines so it's easy
  • 10:27: to light on coffee diet Martha Stewart poems another envelope see what's here inside also a nice craft love that surprises with little quotes and I especially search them for my friend love this and that's the other side coffee that I tuck spots yeah then next scrapbook page let's see
  • 11:01: I'll see that here is a big tack and it's also yeah and here I'll see there's a big pockets and I'll see that here is also a pocket you are confined only by the walls you build yourself oh my and when that's not enough this one
  • 11:34: flips over yeah nice photo or chilling spots and a closed magnetic let's go to the other side this one is a belly band I love it if you cut out from the principles and at the ends to tie text these are also from the printable kits from Victorian romance oh I love it it's so easy to work with the next
  • 12:04: journaling jump journal also point this out okay and a nice tag otech toc-toc spots there's also a little card in it there's a bigger one our friendship is the big thing it's a million little
  • 12:34: things isn't it folks friendship is the best thing that ever especially when you have one big good friend rub it in our next grab book page also a big tag on it let's see here's a little pocket with a little booklet and also a little quotes on it this one's from daddy ends also from the
  • 13:05: Victorian romance this one flips magnetic open and look how cute this is and here's also a nice tag put this back in and when that's not enough this one opens like this let me see can you see it and to the next page there's a big
  • 13:35: pocket that opens with disclosure and there's also a big tag on it and a nice spot for photos or journaling and on the final page I'll put a box page as I call it and it opens with this nice color of
  • 14:10: seam binding and this opens up like this and she can put her here her tags or photos or whatever she like to put in also she can write this down also so that's my box page I love that in each album I make just a closure with a little bow for the extra Aventis touch I love it now that's just
  • 14:43: this this was my my album I'm sweating it's so hot yeah let's see I hope I'll make my point how I did the signatures and scrapbook so I'll make a hinge not a double hinge from Cathy author just a single hinge from Cathy after please check her can channel and I'll make on
  • 15:15: each edge so I'll make the hinge and a large opening where I put my elastic bands on it as you can see so on each opening I'll put a signature in it and let's tell me let's tell you I'll use just a black paper but if you can see the white the need it I'll use a paper that don't whip whip I don't know how
  • 15:49: you how you call it I'll have to check that search that for you but that paper don't whip definitely not you can but it don't whip that's why I glue it on the back so the elastic band don't whip the black paper if you can see and if you see I don't glue the whole thing down I just glue the leftover from here and I glue just the first one also on the back
  • 16:24: I glued a piece till here and a piece just to the first one and the last the the rest of it I leave it open so it can move it around if you like so if you like you can put all this out if you like but if you don't you can put yours down that's why I love the elastic
  • 16:57: band it's so and how you call it moveable you can do everything with it whatever you like I thought it was a great idea I hope you like it too and and as as as you know my my other scrapbooks I love to make scrapbooks but I also like John I also love John Jones so this one I especially made for my guests for Debian's guests
  • 17:27: the design team I used to a one I hope you'll like it please check the link I'll write it just down underneath the video so you can check it out love it I hope you love it too and it was a great honor for me Debbie to make this for you I love the kids I can't say that enough please check it
  • 17:58: out it's the Victorian romance kit on a Finnish Finnish garden calm please check it out Debbie M thank you for joining the design team bye bye