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  • 00:00: press declared channel today another video in which there were Share your installation experience here these are the root of batteries cassette battery screwdriver Bozhko inside of which a few cans at I have broken down but I saw the previous told in this filed he was telling without China hands of the seller bought at this device to replace the throwing all I will try to talk show you but first I would like to recommend to you channel or the Camorra all that has been done in China Court to naturally clean description
  • 00:40: crossed look to take part in communication compilers author who channel will be interesting sign up ahead of a lot a variety of different thematic and educational videos and I would like to reiterate that it is adding Only on this channel I saw here such that's wonderful I try but it will work and didst send
  • 01:21: all the same to us to make the right product and it is hoped to see progress on the removal of channel anyone about that one very interesting projects on this tape battery pull battalion so her mom and replace them with so many of us you must be the first separation disassemble itself to the benefit of the tape it is God's collapsible 4
  • 01:53: and hiding magazines stockings removed ignition self tape top part choose Lower Chamber leaving only the So I want to try now percent disassemble the whole thing set new batteries a new whole thing Spalletti Well that's 600 all the nuances of running saw Action in the case of sorting out explained
  • 02:25: showed the court as a reason that I Fly Here and now we live in a time in which calculated first it was explained to disperse remove divert the thermal sensor remove this, he gathered everyone and then at help a piece of the book contains as a convenient These records are to be removed today between switches who you is, in principle, not scary, you can
  • 03:00: simply no but after a point, and people were getting conditions I have these records not only smile orders in China, I did not because it long clubs and I would now be necessary pursued by the prime minister did not have them, at least we do not have they do not somknite
  • 03:42: plus a look with the body because badly here so that in this way shooting on earnings remove aside she is after all we dismantled all banks happy all products Records can not be here
  • 04:13: we need to be 660 of his relatives in order Specifically, I have no such account Dymovskiy he gave me a good reliable partner as we need 38 m it has not got the bronze chrome House itself has proved OK today I will be by soldering Batteries of course I would go
  • 04:44: not the best but that's exactly with this loco so rare and June tool that it is hard to find made did not work properly but very very primitive way so we do not have in the past but more will need to June 8 in many other respects the principle of stuffed Solder quickly running out could not even really about begging in principle I did not intend to manage but afraid of his opinion especially overheating nickel cadmium batteries but did not seem so but Anyway smartly AZN dislikes
  • 05:15: overheating a particularly high as it is there The melting temperature of the devices so everything is still barbaric meters but has place to be before performing We are finalizing contracts we find little
  • 05:46: on the field Next, you need on the spot at the airport in plate
  • 06:21: take surf take plenty of rubles I have gone too far Further regard, we sailed on the pads records fraudsters birch floodplain PDA map
  • 06:51: that is a very good contact Panic is a very good tear it already useless I think Klitschko will already be without power not do and in the same manner spa of its direct Looking for other terminals with an owl communicators this record of technology experience ie first Lunin contacts on the plate Then we put on the cargo surf captivity Nemtsov battery contact
  • 07:21: We warm up to solder the plate and holding all we touch ready in this way it will be necessary to solder all Communicators apparently in the same street way as it was they were installed females Ossetia plant that is in the same way in all the case set and play as the process further mole wig district will not show Well, because there is that all will be similar show that already happened in the end
  • 07:52: So friends after half an hour of your efforts is such a delay you will be ready rises battery exactly in the same sequence which were Originals directly to understand that when buying that is, they all make the necessary establish By the way after all the work with soldering performed recommend wipe besides rector or alcohol
  • 08:22: back, the cassette that is close to me 0 you all know not yet passed
  • 08:56: but voltage is believed it feels good new owner during clashes directly to Moscow screwdriver h Five sets KGS left to put in place the bugs voltage like this will continue 15
  • 09:30: bachelorhood Japan team Besides that is just built falcons first start Now this service that was not
  • 10:00: it unfortunately m it was sold to 17 without problems for 17 doctors that's just such a people with dignity not complicated way you can replace the native goal battery banks to do so where and how I ordered in principle, a reference will be summed You will be able to go to see the goods
  • 10:31: he saw it that he does not born purchase of this product explained I ordered both ordered what is their conditions, etc. as friends if you screwdriver on some batteries If you have these batteries you either out of order and brown seasonal additional capacity and souvenir products voltage petrol quickly sits up and dies and it's time to change simulator do not rush to buy a new one but if you Winter has certainly can purchase two
  • 11:01: communicator if you do not need you just need to repair such egorova way can it happen that the most do yourself at home at half the cover there is no one to work of two times cheaper than what we have here if there is we did not give the fat such Comrat ride three kilometers
  • 11:31: half thousand the registry office set Chinese at least half the price of everything was because between Comrat can easily revive half we are cheaper than here Russia on site that's so dear friends of the video it was useful or just liked sign is required per channel