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  • 00:00: you want to be slim but not know how to spin like a squirrel in a wheel she drive and grace as the right thing to do exercise this the simulator will show our super coach they somehow hello my hello liar underway Well, you all know how to direct even here it complex simulator povraschat but not would say that he such a complex Disk grace so It was called even my mom still probably twenty years ago, I remember how I childhood on it I spun and now If suddenly you have a home a dust disk that Today I'll show you
  • 00:31: Exercise is not quite the standard is not here these here we Well accustomed to that more than that It is sucked really drive grace helps strengthen our obliques abdominal muscles at the expense of that what we have here very good and very such fun, I would said rotation of the I want to exercise do Of course I will start well yes see We are in for a drive grace and we at home we all have a chair We fall short of our chairs
  • 01:01: and what should be distance to exercises Move just a little bit more so you cant and We begin to perform our usual twisting but slope since past 20 years, we have twisted dysgraphia just now we are standing tightens each time reducing muscle belly side Nadia is standing there exercise can make two minutes if you really much like that 3 We will not prevent twist so that every time
  • 01:31: we felt some namely muscles work every time we are well well stifle our obliques and apart that we are well included muscle back they too responsible for our waist rises to the top chairs and we do not need drive and drive needed I need this exercise Of course that's already larger such as I we love We sit down down already compel work leg muscles and Nadia your task stay facing forward to understand and remember
  • 02:02: begin their easy to start attention and start work with the parties to the staring at the side me in some kind of floor grace me wrong Now so here on how can facing forward depends yes yes on growth doing it exercise we already working hands and so this statement I slipped disc
  • 02:32: incorrect want reason why I'm falling the disc they grace gracefully on the I really like some of look no hurry just slowly sit down below We work with his hands like if we're hands on serious youth fists and squeezed into the hands of already tense and We translate his knees in one side of the hand in Others are trying to keep face rovnenko and forth We will have all the clan spun in time
  • 03:02: any one side you just really emotionally here why is it so it's working legs good feeling cardio because the heart begins to beat hands work faster but I have a minute honestly from his throat as follows drill press put your hands back fingers have a elbows bent forward raising the legs above the floor is we did
  • 03:32: and we complicate we We translate one side touch floor and heels at the top translate On the other side here besides the fact that we have all the time working rectus belly we have again We employ the Spit these again perform under two minutes to three minutes to the novelty on the lap turned wags his tail and again included muscles that working in our the first exercise
  • 04:02: and what is the difference not than just to my knees would you to feel that the principle of fun close up two different two exercises minutes than one already five minutes completely right to make we have to train ready for anything, and so 15 minutes passed etc. beautiful and remains our last exercise for on which Duchamp us you have
  • 04:32: As I get closer to This dream and no dysgraphia us colors for this is not We need a way take to drive with you grace before become closer each other when Suddenly you have a neighbor girlfriend, too, with disk grace become face of each friend We join hands and well this is exactly fun here
  • 05:04: also on equal Gazette we have worked to abdominal muscles very good and here also you can have fun with his girlfriend