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Barrel tomatoes - How to salt tomatoes in a flank  See details »

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  • 00:00: so with the valence is more powerful than the tomatoes of bacha there is this kind of boots we have here 5 liters we collected tomatoes they have spent 24 days here now we have them mine and we will salt for brine on a bucket water only mines somewhere 500 600 grams further necessarily we have black leaves currant leaves cherry dill leaves
  • 00:31: horseradish is all we do before the Slavs layers on one we will lay dill horseradish currant leaves most of all in the process and take a measured glass to size up to 500 milliliters of salt if you take it by weight is will this gram around 600 pour a bucket of ten liters a bucket all wrote a case for 10 liters in this case I have here on a well that is I'm direct on and development if the water we have a tap which especially you
  • 01:05: it will be desirable to boil and give him time to stand still brine attack mixed and further mine actions put cooked greens that is as well as gave leaves of parsley Leaves are more exact in the city of Seoul juice already is not present Only 7 at the top remained as a circle already green not find then horseradish pepper and currant leaves and cherry leaves
  • 01:35: look at the bottom I lay the horseradish leaves You can have a fucking root from someone that they I see a little zantu see group and further leaves see parsley currant and cherry is also on the leaf beforehand this family
  • 02:05: I stack also good for little to strata there is only 8 ki pepper only that the city's sorbent I do several ringlets there the body further mine action skoda you tomatoes mini mat the tomato washed washed up and and I start lay them simply in a container laying out a good layer and again add
  • 02:36: the same proportion of greenery, while I principle cunning work and at the end when all I fill in the brine case laid somewhere half again added the greens that you have prepared, that is, like you made interlayer and again we can choose which like and again and we put it here
  • 03:08: we see that our barrel is full again now add on top advise put a layer of greenery more I will begin because we know that when defeat it we will have this case molds from above not to be a circle of anything that is there is such a we will open a barrel somewhere
  • 03:40: month through 3 4 well we shall tell or say so more close to new year makalister what we will throw out use only tomatoes can generally to paper or oil or something we shall put an oppression by any I not I use different we see are worth more Square Commander tomatoes if we will
  • 04:11: strongly push the Newton they have we just bid farewell either you need to select this tomato which are not quite mature a little bit immature then will be a little better all this in this case we have almost everything is ready to check our pickle 0 one is a little bit more salt we a little stir we see that same table I defend him there crystal clear rasul just fill our
  • 04:42: capacity as we have rosawa a little but here the body well approximately you can see how many This time he got cheers us somewhere whether it is necessary whether therapy so to him so I shall be do quite a hole to see we were given somewhere on finger and on the share in this capacity is
  • 05:18: such a lid that also plays role and oppression or where he does not know how to say all we have is the power of firmly taking roll out and lower it into the cellar and there he we should say so until the end of November December to whom as it is necessary to open will in two or three months try they will already have a kind of very pleasant appetite