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How to remake the cassette radio tape recorder under USB

How to remake the cassette radio tape recorder under USB  See details »




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  • 00:00: Hello today I want to talk about how remake tape radio car to she could read yusbi flash drive in novice amateur radio who often have ask how can be done either Joe or holy make and answer that
  • 00:30: yes you can because Now tape radio does not used their pretty much in time and they made They lie dormant just without the case or they are used as purely for radio to listen to the radio clip generally lie dead weight gathering dust on the shelves closets but radio amateurs a radio easily basically remake to it
  • 01:00: I could read yusbi flash cards for addition and to remake a radio need buy here such But on background modulator Also called transmitter Of course you can plug it in lighter and tuned to a frequency radio broadcasts this modulator and listen to music but that
  • 01:31: If the car radio broken radio or fm for example in the range of major city in just then enter another way rework under its linear out boldly and make output line and fall to the amplifier power and do it principle is easy to this assort like this modulator here's a way of took
  • 02:04: I modulators here here is the fee is such take out her handkerchief neatly means then there is such a stabilizer board her three wires red and green colorless and either yellow usually Dyed is a plus
  • 02:35: yellow is negative or there is a colorless green is output antennas us this board does not need to severing understand here this dress looks that we have here is such a Here's scheme controller two chips card readers connectors under the card and these
  • 03:06: chips we need and let us find the datasheet Now we look for a data sheet here It means here I found the datasheet I I applied to the video Photo it means that this
  • 03:36: chips here it is Now this mikroshemka small is transmitter that broadcasts the signal is not to say low frequency signal's mean chips and 10 to 10 and 9 foot is an audio input means to take
  • 04:06: these tabs solder straight directly to conclusions of this chip and can be even basically clean this micro sim it is not necessary Well, I will touch it I will not just under I came to this conclusions and the provodochki I soldered to the input of the amplifier through the regulator volume and when power is applied
  • 04:39: then there are two ceramic condenser and these conclusions rather than one I would microfarad increased course capacity It went into a coma as a I like ma basically one grabs the microphone 01 is not considered That's when a little disconcerting 1 microfarad is a little Of course that's more accurate 0 1 one summer of microfarads
  • 05:09: ceramic capacitors put then to these conclusions after acute to these capacitors payaete straight straight the conclusions thin provodochki and an amplifier it's desirable Solder somehow screened wire because it sure not to it was noise you have no crosstalk was relatively land three wires land left and right
  • 05:39: applying for it here of power here here they are soldered Now that's power here soldered launched plus or minus 5 volts possible through stabilizer Staff here apply 12 volts and the output will have 5 Here you control control you this unit will Now I have even Agusha
  • 06:11: scheme sketch here I generally scheme Sketch lay out in this video therefore still learning have in view of all different modulators and they have different chips in this modulator in my cost chip bk 1085 there is some other chip
  • 06:41: are transmitters look at them datasheets look at these chips and audio inputs to these audio input fluster and podpoit and wiring direct wiring directly to because chips if you keep solder and somewhere the controller output there will not be easy output capacitors you you can burn controller's therefore it is necessary fluster directly to conclusions in this micro sim and micro sim as I I say you can do
  • 07:11: remove if you do not plan use them programs of this modulator correct suit you This gives the to the input terminals sound amplifier frequency that's feeding you need to let the radio No double after prior amplifier is already on volume control If there is usually mechanical put
  • 07:41: inserted before regulators volume normal AC resistor stereophonic It means for a pair Knight to it if there is no plan use radio look where conclusions switch holes radio and the tape deck look there the low-frequency input after prior amplifier because on pre on the head amplifier
  • 08:11: low beep purity from the modulator can not be the fact that the signal level in this modulator more powerful than signal strength magnetic head and you would just great tell remember ever can not serve audio increased power on the magnet to the input the magnetic head is It leads to a very large distortions This banal error beginners
  • 08:41: radio amateurs which plan of radio do amp or more something or linear Entrance usually do this city is served input magnetic head but also will not in any just iron gates it is impossible to look for exit prior and an input amplifier output amplifier to control Volume I will Now I draw here
  • 09:11: here show how it to implement That such a scheme was so That's how to do something like this and then you will all work on normal without any distortion without these here if someone a little one
  • 09:41: microfarad put more or eliminate these capacitors put somewhere elsewhere without capacitors can not connect because you just Spalletti controller as I said here keep in mind that Grandma holes are Different micro sim is There are also different so before connected look at datasheet this chip There are 10 foot and you Microfilm like I have an 14 after 16
  • 10:12: foot chip There just is not is this one module rejected watch assembled very gently without these all have seen on smd modulators such that even scary look at the internal happened here as if by even but data modulators have Th bad they remotes take a very close ill take do not know What is the reason may a receiver can
  • 10:42: the fact that reduced meals at These consoles I do not know why but they take given the far distances are not at all they do not take charge we correct almost butt general I like a button to the buttons are well It can be used button you our to make solder such to take this here rebound from the top stuck my zhelezochka there lifted away the tape with these jelly icons solder make postings external buttons
  • 11:12: to conclude some say a separate enclosure or Embed this all straight in a river deck do it this hole where earlier cassette is inserted and and to all build output nest to nest well here it is necessary to withdraw only one is here on the wire the rest can be seen in the wires do not plant but well, if only to go the cause of a train display here then yes
  • 11:42: then it is possible to long use wires can not be crosstalk interference fly that work you nothing Here is why somehow have to come up with something like We have to do it all it is you decide do as you wish so you are doing Well that's it all thank you bye until we meet again