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  • 00:00: good good good day viewers channel Marilla flowers Today I continue second video shoot I first video He called for you and never is and today I want to show after three of the week way result that I will I advise and we look We used you adhesive tape for flies it was a farm she raptor good enough
  • 00:32: it was filled with some substances such sticky and likely been any medication destroys all insects on the tape at I stuck a lot ants enough but the tape literally two to three weeks I really it is well dried up but keeps sticky such konsinstentsiya she did not like but today I have you I want to show the result is apple trees look After three weeks us during the end of May
  • 01:02: June takes place a large invasion of aphids that's just the frost we are now process antiquated method rose are in phase and budding flowering and before entire course Rose loves to Do it is no they are not will take place but such apples are really quite sweet and juicy for more early long before the fruit only just shaped flowers usually obleplivaem all the ants tree
  • 01:33: spread it for them it is an insect It is adoration they are not in front of her I want to be removed for you videos about ants I'll tell you about life Ants and aphids and here Union is harmony the nature of which has especially you marvel at this world but this video will later and now an overview of the usual screws that saved here my young apple tree not only three but I'm you want to show and
  • 02:03: I tell a garden will Of course you do not like always want my plants process chemical drugs, I also what you nadi with foot and confess honestly, not only only once in this year made the processing of all krupnomernyh trees wound was treated with copper vitriol and then were simply circumstances and the weather is not predestined and we just missed at least two sprinkling race on surprisingly saved farm raptor really well, or any tape from the flies
  • 02:34: here inflict some drug which Scare ants who did not smashed me aphids and here I do not see large-sized which apple tree I just not enough adhesive tape, and I I thought that Basically it is not so and as a way to here So I buy large portretik adhesive tapes and apple tree I have left It is not protected by this sticky belt and Look how quickly appeared moth here loop here
  • 03:05: moth and my young green transformed shoots you look here in a curly and Of course this invasion the fruits have gone but I want to say that use any ways but I I call grandfather People for to protect your plant Well the result is usually adhesive tape see the leaves and fruit all good state and here see also Apple tree that young
  • 03:35: branches very quickly shook moth therefore, in parallel I rented this video of whether I have now continued you want some words to describe dealing with such our pest control Gardens are very quickly hit us dear young giri my friends this is the end May the slightest warming and all our trees can comprehend is such teach us already Does apple faded
  • 04:06: formed in the dependent This year is enough Well a lot of harvest, we understand that this apple tree is not able to It will give us a good harvest and envy Of course, if we It is not quickly take all measures and the apple tree will suffer and see them literally began very torrential rains and just ten days while we were in any other projects in the trees Now just go here so here's the problem for the whole It is very good but leaves all of Kruchina
  • 04:36: and here we settled as a moth only warmer butterfly leaf lays eggs here on the leaf and young Here hatch over caterpillars, they can be green, beige and even white These are gusenichka very very very fast and they can fast crawl they can crawl even on the cobweb descend on land to fall rapidly and remount
  • 05:06: up and Tortrix It caused great great harm Inna young garden because it's such young branches here leaves are very quickly and will shrink of course scree vegetation terminated in terms we understand the growth and and there will be no course the envy is very strongly reflected difficulty thing is several generations Tortricidae and replaces each other and sprinkled one insecticide
  • 05:36: time we will not and here's the result this is the problem is that at least Now it was necessary after first flowering the first time to process Then after 7 10 days Repeat the process and again in 10 days again treat your tree and then we can stop the a voracious caterpillar and save can still save his tree and settled moth, not only on apple
  • 06:06: but the loads on drainage and, even on grapes very good switch from medicines because Like all insects produce chemical immunity drugs are not always action can be can be positive process malathion can urn and other team preparations which you advise in the garden c then to the garden centers
  • 06:36: Sorry traditional methods for such a large tree of course they ineffective and here belt that we here and so we came up with install on tree are still give some result at least can be but temporary please pay attention to their trees in late May especially because is such envy we with looking forward to my simply can loss
  • 07:07: my dear friends two young share I have two or three weeks from here is a metal adhesive tape here here is the insects we have and look young young apple tree pear which also here in This year gives good envy here fruits we tied it is absolutely clean so I'm so surprised and amazed in this manner use any these methods are failed to protect
  • 07:37: young trees that really in for a treat this case, the sheet slides and other diseases so please end of May, beginning of June pay to his garden take all the faith consult garden centers sellers drugs that have to fight pests and disease for to such the long-awaited harvest that's us we seem to be visually You need speed get but trust I we just can not quickly
  • 08:08: lose so Thank you that you have been with I put the class If you need this topic interesting subscribe to my channel, and we will not lose