Destruction of all cancer cells in all body. Adjust Sytin  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends today we you work with attitude Sytina but the destruction of all cancer cells in the body I have the spirit of God I am now out of thin World from space
  • 00:30: I pour into your soul in all of the physical body ever new light divine joy the universe God said you are a child of my God I have all your soul, all your body is all yours being filled through eternity itself you Now you will live Forever Young Forever happy joyful I life the spirit of God I
  • 01:00: from the subtle world of space constant round the clock eternal pour stream the soul of all physical body at great divine force pour giant energetic fast evolving young joyful life is now his whole soul the whole physical body with indomitable energy
  • 01:32: revives its newborn the young god to create a healthy and its structure inner vision I lightning brightness I see myself in the near future time through 30 years and 50 years and farther forever young forever heavenly beautiful child God, I your inner vision
  • 02:03: lightning brightness I see myself in the near future tense and the distant future time in a hundred years and on a thousand years and more forever young divine Health a child of God full health and strength completely untouched I life the spirit of God I now from thin of space in the world each cancer cell
  • 02:33: around physical the body wherever it It was once combine 3 injected anti life which instantly destroy all life which instantly destroy all of the cancer each cell cancer anti cell life torn apart on individual molecules all the molecules of cancer cell break into separate atoms turn all
  • 03:03: cancer cells the physical body no matter where they were in atomic bullets absolute void I believe I 1 2 3 all cancer cells in all of the physical body wherever they are injected anti life which instantly destroying all cancer cells makes them
  • 03:34: in absolute emptiness All cancer cells every one destroyed all physical body and soul freed from of serious illness I have the spirit of God the subtle world of space in all the structure of the soul in everything the physical body doused forever new divine light the joy of the whole soul filled with light
  • 04:05: joy all physical body filled forever new light the divine happily every instant glad I happy sun I am happy with him, I I enjoy each wood I rejoice each floret I always I admire heavenly beautiful flowers the universe God said to me you are my child Now you will always live fun
  • 04:36: happy joyful life you will forever young gay and cheerful happiest person in the world I Spirit of God limitlessly It is subject to the soul, and physical body submits unconditionally infinitely I am now out of thin World from space DC round the clock river flow I pour into your soul in
  • 05:06: your head in full the physical body is brighter sun silver healing divine Light silver power look divine Light Now continuum column filled with soul head the heart of all the physical body whole soul brighter than the sun brighter than the sun's head the whole area of the heart
  • 05:37: filled with the brightest divine light the whole body is full brightest silver divine light and inspiring divine light all blood vessels head heart relaxed expanded across the length of the head limitlessly spacious roomy how everything in the universe blood vessels
  • 06:07: head heart revealed expanded across length and for all blood vessels heart head blood flowing spring wide cheerful flow as a cheerful Spring river in wide flood I spill in the head It was spacious Ave angle amply It has become even more spacious He became head limitlessly spacious like in all force
  • 06:37: ny in the wide the heart has become bright bright bright limitlessly the spacious heart became limitlessly roomy as in the universe full-blooded fun live life favorite a merry heart happy and joyful happy and joyful and fun and happy and laughing heart to
  • 07:07: In order to properly work necessary See video how is configured to work with respect to a reference in front of you