Addition of loops right and left raising of The lifted increase stitch  See details »

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  • 00:00: drager Odinets and now I will want welcome that It called the addition of a loop left and right uplift in English it sounds for the neck that You increase in Th English magazines on knitting Often found a Reception in the description knitting a Mandry and so the addition of loop right
  • 00:31: by show of he performed on spoke on the left hinge that are on spoke on the left Rise to the right needle in the loop wall located in previous row, and under we loop We intend knit here here here you are welcome previous row We raise the loop and spoke to provyazyvaem it and then provyazyvaem
  • 01:02: the loop that we It is on the spokes thus we was added one loop Why this is why It called right while raising we carry it on left steering wheel spokes and therefore we would like here if we consider that here it's the main Loop is the added it we would depart And so to the right side of the main branches
  • 01:33: knitting direction loops that's here at we have the added loop on here looking into the this side please follow provyazyvaem same Belgium once again I want to show then so we take up a stitch previous row under the loop that we now We are going to knit Now we pick it up on needle and has this provyazyvaem loops and
  • 02:04: were binding on it at us rights and to raise all Now let's loop turn to the left raising 5 left front lifting loop is performed on the right spoke here on this which hinges It is on the right We already spoke of her Now we knit take up a stitch which is on a number that's below this here Rise to the left
  • 02:37: and spoke of it provyazyvaem loop like You see this is now The addition of branch Loop it we will deviate to the left side so It called left lift and all logical once again showing from We had a loop we come to the point when we are in the description said adding 5 loop hinge left to lift we provyazyvaem loop
  • 03:08: we knit and then take up a stitch which is located under the previous row this loop that's very clearly seen in my you now and we will and also provyazyvaem we get The addition of the loop without any holes knitted cloth is not present As you can see this is a very comfortable and I repeat Often found in descriptions in English magazines looking for you want tell how
  • 03:39: done as so to provide you with the right lifting loop we take up a stitch which is on a number below the hinge which is now We are going to slaughter Dress her up in the needle and We are knitted with her in
  • 04:09: The addition of the loop you tell them how usually knit loop and remove it from the spokes that's the way in we have added Loop is now left uplift that we We carry on the right spoke Again, we knit loop just here we have it we knit and now add the loop of
  • 04:41: from below underlying outfit here is a loop adding another clearly show you So first about you
  • 05:12: provyazyvayu our the main loop and then select the loop a number of underlying Here is worn on the left and spoke of it already provyazyvaem our The addition of the loop Here one loop we It added the same the rightmost uplift only done left spokes We put on the spoke lift not loop from
  • 05:42: underlying row and provyazyvaem its loop and by the way, you can provyazyvat wrong if we must be added something if we need Wrong to drop we knit the underside of the front face of the main loop, too provyazyvaem like this this is called
  • 06:14: by addition and 5 right and left rise