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My old mistake in creation of a grid of a bodice of a dress  See details »



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  • 00:00: I want you tonight share one alive and that I earlier also I do drawing construction dresses I started we cut We start to sew sew build drawing where a bushel of first almost-almost the very first contribution We begin to build Wire drawing middle of the back add up
  • 00:33: Length measurements of heights back to waist height the bottom and the thighs clay that went on horizontal hold save the width poluobhvat the chest It has half the bodice we draw a it turns the grid drawing and now this measurement bad someone breast shooting and protruding points
  • 01:06: breast we cut ourselves centimeter horizontally He highlighted centimeter All right all even though slippery All the saints in general, all the trick is that the centimeter horizontally lies but look on the front of we the most convex place
  • 01:37: animals and on the back is not the most convex note blade feats the blades then we More than acts this is a horizontal that is, we have postponed Now 46 centimeters here here on this drawing here dimension 46 we went on error because ck Raif on this here
  • 02:07: on a circuit board it you will have little that is, you can not You can understand patches it is small and everything is good if you give gain freedom customized fit if you do not give you not to be missed and so what to consider the construction pattern dress drawing designs
  • 02:37: Dress on the adjacent shape in the system that I say we start build and do not take the best of our full chest circumference that we take our measures Payment to the floor in the chest Dress that is, here it is value It consists of three values I told you already and. and anchor points
  • 03:09: the height of the armhole forehand backrest height armholes so here height measurement that is, Here is the value width here initially astronomers will be able to handle of the three measurement we measure distance between points height armholes that is, the back a place where the hand connected to the torso with the body
  • 03:39: we pass on you yet he often blades at the most The place has become convex It is the place we on the back is the wide was aired So I took the bushel this is our yardstick and width measurement width Sven 33 centimeters back width
  • 04:10: 33 as divide by 2 16 something is not enough a fee although as is 1633 to 16 and a half I recorded the width also figures I take measurements wrong the point that is most unity
  • 04:41: here is where will pass so on the shelf right will be so here It will become be. . height about the height back armhole It has a different meaning
  • 05:12: now are 5 it turns 17, his Vinay 17 Now I measure distance between points backrest height at the height of the shelf my whole world pitcher armhole at hand top hand is not necessary this point to remove it
  • 05:42: It is quite different mark we need to measure distance as soon as the figure between these points rented house so it handy 12 says armhole width 12 and the following measurements again and then remove the and to the vertical but at protruding points breast vittamer to us It called width breast 2
  • 06:12: for most speakers chest between the points harnessed starting from the point the height of the frame to its 39 here 19 and a half 19 burned so it was a measurement breast width 2 breast width 2
  • 06:43: Adding these measurements the is what we are now measure we are now We measured the most the length of the most convex back areas was in front of and not something that There us horizontal all values are added with seventeen half plus 12 half + 19 level
  • 07:14: we get 10 on a way forty-nine with half and our measurement floor chest circumference would be 46 ie the difference three and a half centimeter see how we longer going here
  • 07:44: in constructing the grid already put it off the These values ​​are all here backrest width Montenegro width breast 2 from vertical back from vertical which designated Ryadinsky postponed width spins its width, we postponed width armholes and postponed the width chest width 2 others so everything is built
  • 08:14: vertical Whether simply postponed the height of the back length to waist and postponed and the whether forehand length waist you all delineated balance Net you built Now and then there delay height Well except the width divide by 2 postpone We do not spend vertical and down this vertical in his cross steel line up postponing except height up
  • 08:45: postpone width a bushel of our height that on the back but here it is here postpone height armholes our shelves point anchors . I'm good on the back We do Taps Taps governmental have seven half We divide it by 3 so 7 bedrooms
  • 09:16: I rounded centimeter two centimeters here and your will here Natalia make a withdrawal from point protruding point Well the point blades point we found a you a little bit ago Unwind in the previous lesson I He showed how to find protruding point ie blades height bulge language but this is a little bit in another lesson
  • 09:46: here are found protruding blade point from this point we do removal natali from waist down vertical here we average common shareholders' drawing on grid already building sprout the same mind Now as you can see look away . Anchor tweezers form
  • 10:19: God for this mopeds Now We find yardstick height Breast tomorrow. is on the drawing look up and postpone the difference and your I this I call this quantity Your mannequin on nine and a half ie centimeters it will be and here at the height here where this
  • 10:50: used add up the bushel found on chest 1 the width of the old chest the biggest and chest width of 1 us narrow meaning it in we have 33 cm We divide it by February 16, and that's see here we put with sixteen half We received as for at that point
  • 11:21: the height of the armhole forehand the same . OK we have it on the drawing two locations so you because we think its coordinates found grew in different Now the measurements in We figure the volume and volume on here in this place it at us as if deployed as our planet to take cards are yes
  • 11:51: when my unfolds get another but just picture flat circles all round planet and here when we behold these two point to connect figure so connect we just here it is laid if the depth of the dart you shoot right These measurements then you do not will need to count depth darts well actually this happened. here Dasha and toad help
  • 12:22: The world is include . top anchor point We note lower. and to find Coordinate here this point we shot the bear height to the shoulder with shelves we the intersection of waist Besides flomaster and the intersection of waist center silenok shooting postpone the yardstick
  • 12:53: part of the center of the chest Lam and looking at the bridge intersects with the line I put the shoulder point eaves. shoulder combine it with the Dart also the bottom end hand with darts side seam turned armhole personally I am all here at We had a drawing that is, you. pretty accurately determine
  • 13:23: so Well but then left Only already built build you that is correct calculate depth ICT will och Aliyevs bodice and skirt that is, Thomas skirt that part dresses below the waist and we have there is so that it will my need to know exact solutions of darts and they
  • 13:53: will they be different after we denote the line waist draw location of our darts and save the value of the depths and now If an individual if take measurements like this as I show you whether he is not showed that there if the individual all features figure taken into account you need to measure all
  • 14:23: convexity in it God and back and tuck depth better depth in this chakra is not It turns on different waist and skirt the It has obtained a different picture not here and so that draw darts and taking into account the difference all convexity as well as a figure Different as these pairing we Well, there will be different about
  • 14:53: that now it is no longer I have time to talk to all I did not tell you I will now be able to explained that both ranks as the mesh bodice build grid Refah and that you need to consider some width Well to put off This all you was Elena Kamenkova