❤ Knitted flowers for a hat. Knitting. Tricoter. #ВязаниеСпицами from Lana Vi - YouTube

❤ Knitted flowers for a hat. Knitting. Tricoter. #ВязаниеСпицами from Lana Vi - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: so we provyazyvaem 15 loops and do protection for this visually so here after 15 loops descend the penultimate row is exactly the some plants Only in this loop and all is not so here in the penultimate row we introduce workers' rights and spoke so here stretch loop
  • 00:30: that will do serve places like But for our protection petals means it turns out that that's it is here we already formed the first lug flower and here it's the first large Circle us here it turns loop It is precisely or rather petals are It is for 15 loops
  • 01:00: thus further we continue to knit again Our 15 loops seamy still such a retreat as to mated to a turned over less flat and that's neat Garter and exactly like hosiery Any fabric wrong side or the person they are generally very simple and very not an easy one and the same time since
  • 01:30: hand-knitted they always work but let's say not very gently if I'm out his experience realized It is not determined by this attention that is here if we knit our loop it is necessary to try to an hour here, I will show This is the first we have to on the right and on the left spoke about the loop They were on
  • 02:01: the same distance from the end and The thread tension is too so you need more extremely attentively fix here for example in a position and try that each loop you will provyazyvat she was Here it is in this location last loop here extreme and working yarns in the ground and and tension here if you will be less
  • 02:31: pay attention to it's all to well evenly technically It is going to be the binding get neat and back to our petal means to us you need to knit 15 years we subtract 4 6 8 11 12 13 14 15 and so here they are again after 15 and glue
  • 03:03: and down the penultimate row enter the right needle We get our petelechku and here and so So they pull in we are now while but great defense here are very or to give then again 15 hinges 1 2 3, we generally not very easy to knit because I like you
  • 03:34: remember that's his the first gray matter I say that the dress I use the yarn itself skayka to limit the free factory here it Now I'll show you what it Hanks here she is thin slim ie hook all perfect and such masters who is interested in as yarn is very very very good yarn so I dress knitting you see in how many threads 6
  • 04:04: obtained or up to 6 strands but dresses little heavy It happened so If anyone dare I I advise you to try Well, up to 5 or even can and 4 but then there should be recalculated loops watch because other special on take number so here and Continue to the end a number