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As quickly and correctly to knit fittings a hook and the screw gun - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello in today video I will show how is reinforcement cutting on an example of this here repost for it we need three 3 pieces of wire since the wire we need to knit three places about Wire is a segment
  • 00:33: carved out of the uterus just need a long Here he tied the the same wire and it allows me thirty every time smuggling in need the right amount Cork so on take three delays bend like this half here and then divided three so I have more
  • 01:08: will show two winding version wire 1 using manually using Now this here homemade hook made of reinforcement of scraps What we need We take one of delays go too like this is half way done in order make it easier poddevat of dharma
  • 01:39: tour that's doing just such a Now loop short story Here then jerk the hook insert ring clings to second end like this way and start twist desirable detour
  • 02:09: a wee bit heft pull box then wound easily the best coach also can not bigotry to do how I became twisted break in two wire following method a little more automated exactly the same we prepare youtube insert there but
  • 02:39: we have to turn not manually using such a device an ordinary screwdriver and hook made from essential water insert the same way want PM tightens up slowly at first a little grab second end, and then so twirl here
  • 03:11: pay attention to Tightening effort here But if regulated correctly set then you can safely do not be afraid to turn wire break Here I will show already a little bit faster in this application Now such a device
  • 03:41: allowed little reduce the time mating I recommend