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  • 00:00: dear friends, we just finished remove one of the stories that desire the plot demand for and now we decided to chat with the set are here to street burn for you short video about protection from technology a knife and so I look said several times their videos that statistics blows knife always paid a few strokes
  • 00:30: below that is not is such crops and the red writing DTs more blows from above it is a rarity today statistics man claims suitable for hand back and unexpectedly also deals several blows so called clothing machine reasons for this more the fact Such blows really their discreet It reflects the very difficult and they are invisible to others ie the man, who such attacks way people much easier not
  • 01:00: catch the eye witness this Statistics is not me I came up with a very and so it is important when we We are talking about protection knife, I recommend some protection see here such because when you love defend this way to change how once again a miracle do not protect bounces even if the person a knife behind his back, I'm very close away people
  • 01:30: suddenly begins apply more now I stabbed Substituting hand under yes and jumped and even a few not stabbed can not get pray without I'm warning is their strikes ie nothing to shout it have enough react and all I will increase I want to say that today helps my friend our famous people have on his head broke up the cabbage before
  • 02:00: Hello goats on seeing wonderful soul with a magnificent interesting face especially with marina take so but because We make it great back to the protection of so I recommend this I do not technique I recommend equipment just such a why because powerful strong real blow breaks in this parts these simply break fingers Wings do not recommend just such a technique see when
  • 02:30: leaving aside and you substitute palm these same very unreliable thing look substituted palm you do not know where get your fingers in there the middle of the palm of your hand unimportant mistake can be quickly lead to defeat knife above all things many make this reception leaving aside the there turns out yes Well, at least a hundred and see what problem when you go to the side
  • 03:01: Now here you are allow a person continue to attack knife backhand it is also very important One more thing if you go to the side his whole body cosmetics where you leave aside all the body move there 80 7060 even kilogram man even light compared with quick strike with a knife it is very difficult that is, when we start while you any case We lose a man It hits you with a knife before
  • 03:31: What do you have time react so any any reception start should be two times shorter than he hit as a result of look it's the next person He holds a pipe in strikes back I'm on the edge Substituting hand on as if I I am trying to blow this He stabs a knife leave aside come here any the case of late so I do not I recommend such
  • 04:01: Now let's protection stop just a specific one Protection I I recommend to cook I recommend the blow the driver before he an empty stomach and put his hand like this the level of position right in angle like that in the end it turns out is a blow you substitute I jumped it correct
  • 04:31: execution and so on several resources within masters I watched this detail of very many saying that under no circumstances case like this to substitute a hand you can not look to the express or show here so why can not man allegedly beats knife and then retrograde motion undercut veins recommend so do not bend so the hand but this is how and when allegedly beaten with a knife when
  • 05:02: under cropping will injury not veins but this part of the muscular part of the other So friends refer to the fact that at the present strong impact knife It plays an important role relative strength of the block means what I see when Igor holds hand here so often I know wrong click on his arm and mnya it difficult to bend therefore if would go with a knife and fat I will beat knife
  • 05:33: pretty legs so I I will beat the knife here Here you can see here is there is much more chance that the blocks holds blow it bounce blades and live alone here in this see the situation if the hand is so take a look Stand firmly on devil's advocate after all that he did he might I stiffened arm therefore bend as there is a strong blow unexpected person beat it strikes the block and the knife goes
  • 06:05: so I do not live I recommend this and that As for pruning know what something Friends trim hand You can only when a person does not I put the block and left hand is the It has made it possible after I block go back and trim hand over if the block It has done very quickly see here he has putt putt and immediately bounce still goes there and immediately
  • 06:35: bounce then no clipping not terrible more hard pruning I need a knife with double-edged sharpening only here but also Of course there are crazy started walk the streets here one of those people good is our Igor's operator she takes hi he won his a double-edged knife he scary man but
  • 07:05: Nevertheless, even if the I will defend myself from two-edged knife see here for. here's the quick jab fast even block if you do and how do pruning time undercut mindo see that is Nothing happens kick clipped the maximum may fall it is on this so, too, pick and choose friends listen to someone you want yet and if you want to save a life
  • 07:35: substitute yet under attack and was powerful very strong they weak after all, once again powerful unit push impossible to block such pressed very great and last in this cutscene many guys that work against knife recommend such things like here comes the but stab
  • 08:05: like knife treatment and then try it something to do with what is going and yes they are treated knife and then try go there for the capture and that anything Protection would like to do I am now no suitable knife show and beat starts here in this way I found no treatment can not be you just processed itself so most guys look simple recommendation beats by clicking where sewing machine blows but something is holding a
  • 08:37: framed bounce even at the cost close we stand stand is hit knife here I connected a lot repeatedly said that principles of my tricks development is reality maximum security I would like for it It does not look nice acceptance if it is dangerous I believe that it should be clean and use only the most reliable