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The stuffed Vegetable marrows Very much and Very Tasty! | Stuffed Zucchini Recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today we are preparing stuffed zucchini is very just this is available this delicious vegetable dish and so start take first bowl with a thick bottom is dense or large saucepan I took this little bowl because I have only three zucchini here they are so they fit here
  • 00:30: take this saucepan so that everything your zucchini could keep to the bottom now take the usual sunflower and olive oil pour out and take butter and spread it too together with olive and now site on fire to she warmed up for now the oil heats up there you can take a shot you can take tomato paste I just took tomatoes chopped their blender with me this product turned out here necessarily
  • 01:00: salt the tea a spoonful of salt and a teaspoonful sugar spoon sachets always shows salt volumes always put tea spoon black pepper on taste a little bit of cinnamon I I put it just a little bit little and who does not like taste of cinnamon is not she will make me I like it put and very few minutes it is necessary to mix and took a bite from us lurking in
  • 01:30: heated oil lay out chopped onions and a clove of garlic is mine see so much you can clean frames kim poisonous is easy like this cut into pieces and spread on the oil lay out the bow is not he should toast should become soft and start languishing but it is not should start the series zucchini cut off by from both sides do not need to clean them take the vegetable peeler and from inside we cut out all
  • 02:00: the interior is like this behold on the one hand and with another and so completely to our zucchini was left without flesh but a little bit that on stenochkah the flesh remained growing would mass the whole carve look at this books are empty and more flesh on the edges is we clean all the courgettes all inside
  • 02:31: which we cleaned you need to know as low as possible how important is it it will be ruined whole zucchini finely-finely when we finely chop divide into two parts well so about one part we ship to our tomato which insists on spices and the second part in our stuff I took today chicken mince simply usual times did his house was interrupted by tights here here we are sent our flesh
  • 03:01: zucchini in our later necessarily salt to salt necessarily pepper black connect and I'm after all she usually is and opened it to the floor willingness to was almost ready and send rice and all this is good, then Rice here is not a bit we flew scolded for a little bit and all is well mix The onion became soft but he did not become golden
  • 03:31: see it fully white is in it all send our tomato with pulp our good I mix well mix add 2 leaves fresh mint cover and let us languish because that we will remain Let's start our squash this way a teaspoon we start completely
  • 04:01: the whole tube inverted quote is sufficient densely here such stuffed zucchini The look from all parties your remaining can be and small meatballs and and throw straight into the sauce they and around will immediately be grasp and will remain so here squash courgettes meatballs too will fall close to you can stuff more to the tank as you like when our sauce a little bit boiled look
  • 04:31: here's a bit of this allowed add the ki into it ready just here teapot a little bit boiling water this way mix if necessary try on the salt if you are not salty pour a little but to taste and lay out our zucchini they should be at least half covered then in the process cooking and need will turn around here see we cover cover it to him
  • 05:01: about 40 minutes then from 20 minutes then turn over on the other side of another Twenty minutes our zucchini prepared look I put several meatballs that we looked like this we get meatballs this is if we were to do meatballs well lay out zucchini they succumb to sour cream in principle anything you can Only you
  • 05:31: I liked a little change the sauce The sauce is dense let's cut it let's see what's in section in our it turned out like this it's cut like this circles already directly in a plate and we are so filed look this way very nicely delicious appetizing like this dish of stuffed zucchini with us cinnamon and cops are done very tasty such the fragrance is unique taste is not ordinary
  • 06:02: smack, well, who opponent rits not put cinnamon this pursed I think to you like it be sure try it thank you for today were with me thank you that subscribe to my video feed comes out twice in week on Wednesday and Saturday of all the best till