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  • 00:00: Hello I name Julia learn to knit together knitting and crochet Today I'll show you and tell you how Here's a run Here notched rachy step hook and draw edge products means this is our product which we We want to draw the edge rachy step is executed from the left right It means to raise this but stenochku initially needed scored 5 5 air
  • 00:30: loops recruit again two or three typed May 4 now we will enter every second and fix our loops in each the second loop on the edge actually that's one here the second loop then enter the front thread hook will be the back side, we you capture it from behind
  • 01:00: We pull just such a that's a long loop her long reserve and then back thread again stretch 2 loops formed at the the hook is formed a Christmas tree then you gain 3 air loop May 3 we stitches recruited for to climb stenochka our edge products 3 typed air loop and will again It will be 12 per second
  • 01:31: stretching thread behind pulling upward long loop and such a stretching thread Again, the two loops together further 3 1 2 3 air loop again We introduce the hook in a second edge loop product stretch a loop back
  • 02:01: sides thread and pull up and stretch 2 loops together again recruit 3 loop aerial 2 but enter the front hook take and stretch tighten thread Top loop and stretch 2 together here's a
  • 02:31: Here beautiful wavy lambs are here formed 3 air loop, and so knit to the end of the edge our products Knit 3 spot again
  • 03:01: there is Now here's the such a beautiful edge products I hope you now it was clear my lesson useful to see you soon Meet the dosvidaniya