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  • 00:00: Good day, Irina Khlebnikov good Welcome to my giving continuing cycle dedicated video home preservation today will close on tomatoes my mother's recipe recipe moment so very old and very favorite though Mom calls this recipe from tomatoes respawn as she he got from her and each friend time always God forbid she adds health tomatoes so delicious that
  • 00:30: drink even just once a tomato really get a very they are delicious minimum of spices with lots of sugar and instead vinegar trailer does not used lemon acid delicious prepare for prescription us tomatoes need in amount depending the density of the packing the size of the average on the three-liter jar It is 700 kilo cans must first wash and dry you can of course and sterilize although it is not sure that there You can not do sterilization of pizza
  • 01:00: we need Carnation tells you it mandatory spice of self Be sure to add allspice black bell pepper Mom still commonly and adds fresh tarragon or tarragon She says to him tomatoes turns especially fragrant and delicious so if you have add if not simply in addition to miss spices for the marinade we need salt salt as possible take the fire and such as salt does not contain anti listeners substances and other
  • 01:30: unnecessary additives 1 liter of water will put a tablespoon salt without much slides and need sugar to 1 5 we place liter of water tablespoons with gorochki sugar here a decent amount to about third of a teaspoon citric acid and it is also based on a 1 liter of water in the pot decompose spices each jar I put 2 clove of 2 peas fragrant
  • 02:01: pepper and black pepper a sprig of tarragon and then laid tomatoes to peel tomatoes in heat treatment is not I will make two burst cruciform for the count and fork around stalk tomatoes laid freely banks do not fill up the top preferably before shoulders or slightly up to top was a bit free space cover fill boiling water and
  • 02:31: We leave for 5-7 minutes collected by banks are very gently pour boiling water cover with sterilized lids and leave 10-15 minutes then water merge We measure the volume and this water preparing marinade for each liter of water I put
  • 03:01: said the dining room spoon large salt hill 5 tablespoons with gorochkoy sugar third of a teaspoon citric acid and I got two and a half a liter of water so I multiplied 2 and a half set on fire bring to a boil after the start of boiling boil the marinade a minute or two and certainly join salt to sugar fully melted hot pour marinade tomatoes fill it up to the
  • 03:31: top and sealed closing is possible under machine can screw caps that is, the presence rolled banks At once turn over and We wrap up and leave these tomatoes to Cassius and Canned store in cool place and I think that they They are stored at room temperature and so our tomatoes for my mother's recipe ready to roll up try very I hope that they will also enjoy thanks that were with I watched the video and
  • 04:02: all you very, very good ustream up to new video