Viktor Ermakov

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Useful cunning - a clip for preparation (Useful trick - Feather board)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello now I I show you just such a very small a trick which just mercilessly ripped next clip, and which you will soon You see when we look I bandsaw dismissing the whole length of rail but a small section It is such a kind of or a little longer or a little
  • 00:30: it does not matter to me wider not very convenient and second handy hand constantly detail of the press kickbacks and guide control this the entire length of the process and imagine yourself rail there for two meters or three then there is certainly good help homemade clamps comb or purchased that mounted in a groove and fixed there a little different
  • 01:01: clamp on the format the end of which It is mediator turn it is closer It is moving to the web and here in the center presses the blank but the fast and very easy way I have you now I assure you show no worse and maybe be even better and will do without and improvised purchased clamps that I do take protractor focus
  • 01:31: which is definition should present at any ribbons etc. We set it in reverse if there present additional rail then sliding it closer here below weakened retainer they need more to make just such a driftwood on the floor ribbons from the bar or the width of the board can be any well
  • 02:02: thickness of approximately 45 millimeters principle and all and yes even clothespin or clamp screw or lever etc. put blank move closer sliver canvas leaning against it the stop at the protractor and fix a sliver pin on the end here we all continue
  • 02:32: cant stop create in chips voltage and longer fix the lever you are welcome clamp ready can be improved pressures are easing Clamp more cant without 0 bigotry not to forehead him to let us now
  • 03:02: I set the beer on cut and Example show in principle, to check
  • 04:04: calipers on I think there is no sense to you and so believe that the thickness everywhere identical clamp works and this veil But if you and I liked it help put the Huskies and you can not dizlayki yet again, to be offended next meeting