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As it is beautiful to issue a window in kitchen  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I did the window decorations the kitchen window decoration why this case invented from nothing things to eat than to do but I on the other hand window principle in dollars the window can be seen all especially in the evening when you meet light no it is not very nice still hang some one curtain, I do not want extra extra laundry dust is not easy to do this decor I like it very much like you if you want to see of course and done to me second half just listen
  • 00:30: one half and the second will do together with you, and so I show half their work on the left party for decorated glass and the right side I see the house opposite and even famine It means first of all I need to wash a window what I've done, I him horoshenichko washed and then I'm out of a piece of tulle is bye-bye left half I rejected already made in the decor one half now I will 2 Now I will make mate yes This means that here
  • 01:00: the width of the glass and the gene and hence this Now is bent and cut off the excess such an easy job Revolution and sympathetic so cut tulle on the glass size I can give allowance gave NATO oversize glass one centimeter a piece of this business
  • 01:35: throw and that's pattern I mean just look where the thing is the height here but already there will go down that there still is now I had to have to fill starch that I did I starch spoke and now this piece Tulle I will fully dipped in starch which little benefit not hence it is necessary to begin Dive happiness something where there is a device Down here it's downhill and
  • 02:05: So immersing horoshenechko starch starch such density Well then what I I discuss means to liter of water I took one tablespoon starch is such void starch as you see it is very
  • 02:36: very fast here may still take from the top of the cloth so it's a piece of a little as if no so it is not recommend here important to have nails here so that we well you are now see popping up and Sport Glass I spoiled here lost not today lost and do not like why can through the 'Net, and remove all or a month or a year later it all easy to remove and Then the glass clean a little water
  • 03:06: because of the starch yes yes yes sit on the edge we need to understand why because she It is also probably for It shoots really dirty so you can become Remove and wash not love this pattern ru take another dawn ie one which then this came on a desire that you can follow I think the example you decorate too me just let the kitchen and someone will decorate the cottage or terrace, or or the room was just as
  • 03:38: do such a thing, or let there clearly bright sun and you such a beautiful Statement by the curtain We invented stuck top and chic and shine as I said decor decor decor decor my window in the kitchen believe it or No but my kitchen thanks to the decor glass on younger window there is probably 40 exactly beauty so something like believe me if you such beauty do at his dacha, or
  • 04:08: too, as well as I am for food you will be very and we are very happy