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  • 00:00: so a good day Good afternoon, I now you will show how to control vertical weld vertical seam and how to make the seams jointing seam again provided that Brick is very curve so here we see I went to
  • 00:31: Nagorskiy bricks mind like anything but firstly to have burst and secondly all in it does not have the geometry 200 percent, I do not I know how to use it as a all I managed here You see how you I managed to buy both executives you said stuck bought very high prices but this stuff myself present it to you curve it varied by color that is Zheleznogorsk where nordic
  • 01:01: gun I'll never I advise Now that is he does not have moisture well, then people bought over how put and length have 25 There are two four two four and a half 25 halves ie 0 0 quality control stop how to develop right so currently we start with as the seams control joints
  • 01:32: the more children do not depending on who was asked show how we We do with the curve bricks which bassoon It shows well and here agree well to garbage he even he really exactly a brick that is there stands quality and that's it phages you can eyes closed lay down I think a lot usiratsya So I will take without level without putting
  • 02:02: without these devices so that we should not write ashlaring vantar I did not like it and it not an instructional video this video to help people help they obuchajushche training video can only give teachers taught in Potro not yu tube there laying out garbage and here it is in the way in colleges fizre here teachers really see put 1 brick
  • 02:33: first brick yeah I I will use Repin Marika rail I no we do not take try it on place let's say and I put for example in control not needed inch seam and leaving here's something I have not seen went
  • 03:04: I auctor primer is at layout here I am again let's not bricks let's that is, when joint controlling and Well as always here
  • 03:36: let's hide them I will not let you understand let us Controlled Statement like this styler fold meaning a the point is that when future when Later in my here a hole 50 If the bricks more than one brick millimeter, and there are no 5 centimeters but I
  • 04:06: this brick More there are 5 millimeters 6 he has less and shorter 5 to ie centimeters it Zheleznogorsk I I can no longer named as coach gonorrhea most a real man it simply vtyuhali equal and both supervise because it is offset gone that for this I Now I'll put time Thumb I paid visits to that
  • 04:57: now things I brick and indeed where we work and brick if you take half of it You see here this part of it is half there are just two or three times two three 4 perk it correctly Now this and now this we put a hole found court so we put see here and so we put all
  • 05:33: further we go so we control thickness These seam I face a millimeter Katun river such shorter I like that and put and see again and again look after me It took a little here I finished off the little father, I take
  • 06:07: because he could not Court's steel everyone there and I sing I am applying wand yet missing
  • 06:43: look again I show this one brick here it is a hole Central I put so I found of 3 Now we have done here
  • 07:43: These seams are we control exposed ie 50 bricks I 50 I 60 bricks can freely if I every brick confuses garbage shelf Do I have to have insert or half or nabezhit chekushku something will so here at any brick shares in two This half should be half seam stand this is now Now the brick is very yes curve and curve
  • 08:13: not every customer customer like when his deep stitches These seams are here Ukrainians what they are doing Basically it here garbage I came they work with square rods personal and square because here lies and he put on it can Mazyuk but the depth that it they lay it centimeter ie I've been cm and well joint depth gets centimeter, and so they do such here Well your in fact they
  • 08:44: Pointing over because Well, that should not be such a deep breadth customer like we do here I do not like these seams because they fuck and embroider all I love when disintegrates when confronted angle angle semicircular rasshivku most normal here for this I have to do here Rail I made four three or four millimeters millimeter chamfer to when night that the solution it was compacted
  • 09:14: right next to it and then take ten 12 and the that I fell into anal I begin to attack Rush that is, there she sat on the forehead, and now the day and pen or so here and I just do not I climb in there with a angle and I get rasshivochku course
  • 09:49: good semicircle time later I cleaned and not on there inside you fucking but I will at once when I live Ten Ten that I It was in line I here these seams should be 0808 now! I shock ten 10 that is, I must here climb 12 valves to expand 12 tell me a dozen
  • 10:20: sprinkle so I I must look after embroider well, I was 12 literally dozens rashi and is such jointing upon very or anything obtained control again I say he's a seam here it is a hole, and so on all versta because this computer Zheleznogorsk the difference you long almost to the centimeter there are instances 20 centimeters have moved so it is 248 mainly following
  • 10:52: He is 25, and 325 and 425 and 3 very hard, we tried and stir all the way We did not make useless but it is so old method well here on this standards digitized so thanks for all Attention