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  • 00:00: little kids little kids do not I want this fodder feed it is necessary to undermine coffee we want to play with you necessarily learn to understand found each other the kitten will suffice admire look his ears are mouth and nose must be clean mucous pale pink a furry skin without signs of scratching clear cat without
  • 00:31: bald spots if the cat and fleas see by chin there is the most short hair and traces of flea seen immediately decided leave pretty the being itself then found and necessary To show the doctor that to make uzi and take blood for analysis Do we care a little child now on tummy tuck the procedure is absolutely safe and painless but not counting the fact that kittens q will slightly shave time takes a bit and a cat nice when on Bellies pat but
  • 01:01: the most important is that such a sedative can save your mimicry cheesecake in time you ve all his sores Well and here with the analysis blood is more difficult although extremely unhappy yet because to analyze the paw the chip was shaved that a blood test gives opportunity identify diseases and most interesting predict the outcome of this diseases for your new gun spears are alive first month
  • 01:32: watch closely behind the mustachioed striped because small kittens as small they have all children processes occur very fast most importantly not miss the point because sad statistics this is the majority kittens are dying from infection and indifferent owners and still rolling teens to and sore spot too quite often it is found chic malia chick otitis more often still defeat the ears we see as a consequence hematoma shells that is when the animal strongly
  • 02:02: comb out of your ear and layers between the skin and cartilage of the liquid does not let your fuzzy to communicate with other domestic brothers by the wool baby can be And then, well, up to this of course is not will come but the blocks are quite real for a week animals are contained in limited space in the first is calmer only the animal in second it gives an animal to understand that there is his place that is the one where he can in
  • 02:32: toilet and hosts save the baby from stress do not wash it at once even if picked up dirty not Comb and do not shear claws and more one but that is trite did not go there punished the punishment Usually for kittens cats that's specific is perceived as game all 100 from the side owner they have very short logical chains are built on account of This is not, that is, if few hours passed after they did something they did will not remember for what
  • 03:02: they are punished up to kitten as a child very sensitive so the parent treat him very carefully and with love but I want the pens dear to the heart you will understand without words barbarian on duty heading