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  • 00:00: hi girls with you are beauty to me I continue to respond to your questions are require more detailed response and there was such a question as make a shampoo from B vitamins I 'm honest, I 'm not saying has never done shampoo from these vitamins and not met on the Internet but I can recommend you masks that is generally vitamin b is required by our hair to the skin nails if not enough the body of the vitamin
  • 00:31: group b then this leads to a decrease immunity and when decreased immunity then respectively begins to fall out hair appears dandruff some appear skin problems Acne and acne break down nails are therefore vitamins of group b It is necessary to accept and inside and use outside most often in cosmetology use vitamins groups b 6 and b 12 are vitamins can add shampoos balms for strengthening
  • 01:02: effects of shampoos and balsams and also it is possible add homemade masks that applies to vitamin b6 and b12 inside then that you know they are contained in products like liver chicken soy nuts and vitamins b12 are contained in all animal products origin also in homemade milk now let's move directly to
  • 01:32: masks that gave can add vitamins b6 b 12 they are sold in ampoules before as add vitamins group b in the mask ampules are compulsory is necessary churn there is a many different masks depending on what you are the effect you want to see I'm on the channel mask for strengthening and recovery hair with vitamin b6 and b12 in the description will be ssylochka very good mask I am very she is also pretty there is a
  • 02:02: many other masks I they too will be write down because vitamins I have it in stock they need to be used Generally vitamins group b they promote growth hair and they prevent loss they make hair shiny and Silky they are very good take care of dry tips for dry hair and mask with by adding vitamins b need use courses one course is 30 ampoules
  • 02:32: that is, in each mask you add 1 ampoule for example vitamin b6 and b12 and you must do 30 masks with addition these vitamins then you can take a break three months and again and already after the first course you will see very good effects so please Try it if you it was useful video subscribe to my channel ask questions I always answer them we will be beautiful together