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Knitting by car 7. A dress with ruches 3. Humeral seam.

Knitting by car 7. A dress with ruches 3. Humeral seam.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello the third a lesson is devoted to knitting children's dress with ryushami which we we disassemble as shoulder Suture Asia and Decoration our prime the big one I said before
  • 00:38: pardon before we proceed directly to knitting dresses let's on women's models I I will demonstrate shoulder seam on greater visibility and tanned tanning I knitted by car and night blocking naturally fulfilled shoulder seam also we machines like this benefit shoulder seam
  • 01:09: look so neatly this is the most the country from the inside too neatly completeness perception let's let's see the kind here about Chuvashov with front side looks like this manner on the wrong side with
  • 01:43: so now we can to melt our prizes incarnate let's let's use an example this dress let's see how implement a shoulder seam here is my front back side of me should be added to her face before for this I deduce Needles in position d
  • 02:13: and these are the ten needles in this way turn over I put on my needles which is me already with a loop backboards in this way I put on my beacon than what do you do I'm well done
  • 02:44: Thus, I I put on my loops forming armhole backrests on top with eyelets transferring and also about connecting them to back and
  • 03:15: tying on the typewriter just without any forest of culinary smooth on this put everything in its place brooks without knotting once so i cut off the thread and will use now here's a blunt needle which goes also along with other trifles useful and necessary together with the machine I will put forward a little
  • 03:49: needles to me it was more convenient to sew stitch on by such rules if we go from left to right we will through two loops see together here thus 2 together now from here I go to next 2 together it if we go to the left to the right 2 together so here are the following seam
  • 04:19: brachial I will point you to the forest here from right to left Well make a knot in
  • 05:26: the end and we cut the thread this way performed by the shoulder the seam let's now do the same with the other side does not need to plant this part of the beginning
  • 05:57: that is, the far part must be face to face you and the near end inferior this part of the face
  • 06:29: right here it is inferiority similar
  • 07:09: connect and specially want show you how suture the right to a vein thread the thread driver threads and you can do not directly tie me up just a pen hold one row cut the thread if there we acted on
  • 07:39: the principle of 2 loops together are not contrary on the contrary the other three loops together here us I'm first I see this now see we do three loops together there are three check marks now we go to the second and again three must be with us previous and
  • 08:14: cover 3 loops 2 put on a needle middle only we would be on top of needle medium for once again the principle we are in previous loop insert the needle cover 3 loops 2 and in which we string on a needle and medium as if the loop lies from above like this way we do and look again carefully mod
  • 08:45: by this principle, we we perform humeral seam so here already you need two strings
  • 09:23: together you create everything we lived together and I will be noticeable I will do decoration for armholes and throats
  • 09:53: here are the same ruches suitable size you
  • 10:32: so the first ruche for
  • 11:16: armhole trim the top will be same size in width as on the dress itself and in length here is me enough times two three 4 5 6 wedge and wardrobe by I will make more one second ruff for this same mini sleeve so say but take in
  • 11:46: the width of more needles for width 18 instead of 12 all the rest is the same do now changing
  • 12:16: lever position sake in this big I'll take out my ruches not just one needle from work and 2 to us will so beautiful holes and so on, that is, I
  • 12:51: I will do before moment while it is ruche by their size less will be equal to this then there is still quite at all a little bit to me left once I will show you now ryusham finished form