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  • 00:00: a good time of day to you zapetelinka let's talk about today Garder Boris or rather the lack of it here I do not say so lucky and I have no bars in the crankcase But whether it's worth I think upset because there is no the ability to replace this magical all at something more
  • 00:30: ordinary improvised what is magical thing I I learned from the Internet currently most in garbage hands not kept here I I know that it can be make independently now I'm done without of manufacturing and simply passed on He threw can
  • 01:01: take advantage of junk thread can another way not to use necessarily junk it is not possible here conventional needle that's it so here's a little thin sleep in my case, so I just rented on spoke all loops Streak slowly calmly and already Then all I do is when necessity
  • 01:32: hinged back on leaf accurately and either also wrong side up face down or I turned on or any canvas there will already be on top It can be seen at work in Depending on what work is Now that is Gutter bar and its absence it is not a big reason for disorders it can be replaced
  • 02:02: Now such improvised at least two The third way way is independently manufacturing garter bar sex and I have all I said but how would so nothing new certainly not She told by but as it is here yes today my video so inspired by some do not even know what just now I decided to
  • 02:32: share their little secret here is a little bit in We still shoot that's fine available from us here all this work a position to It turns everything You can also hang on Fontoura you can on this side and
  • 03:03: possible and this side like this same here just fold one eyelet ago as already Fontoura it will be convenient to you here you are junk thread and sleep and that we imitation plaits through effect Cloquet look like it is done in other video