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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive Welcome to my kitchen today I cook a snack of eggplant eggplant like mushrooms aubergines cooked to this recipe from reminiscent of the marinated mushrooms but to prepare such snack rather easy to quickly and easily and so my dear, we
  • 00:30: need of kg to half kilograms Eggplant I Two hundred pounds but can plus or minus It needs great bunch of dill head Although garlic garlic you can take to taste marinade us It needs 2 liters water and 2 tablespoons spoons salt gorochkoy and vinegar, I'll take 150 nine milliliters percentage of vinegar Although vinegar can take a little longer or a little less, and need 100
  • 01:00: milliliters vegetable oil eggplant cut into size cubes half or two centimeter I cut right to the skinned as me like the peel in finished dish I did not I want to carry extra operation but if desired You can eggplants previously clean so they receive even lower pan with water set on fire Pour salt can be add a tablespoon spoonful of sugar but I I will not do because the I prefer sugar already added
  • 01:30: dressed salad bring to a boil and gently add vinegar, stir and Pour immediately sliced ​​eggplant we cook eggplants to full readiness softness but it is desirable to cook but not digest or they have simply raspolzutsya lose eggplant light they float on water surface and therefore in the process of they need cooking
  • 02:00: periodically stir a finger and eggplant rather quickly about minutes 5-6 always ready You can be judged by appearance they become such translucent day try too, can be Take one piece and try if soft eggplant cooked ready eggplant projected onto a screen and reserve 20 minutes at 15 to stok marinade for the time and have time
  • 02:30: finely chop garlic chopped dill until dripping marinade eggplants under they cool down from the top will be warm longer burning hot but downstairs there are very hot shift the eggplant so low to those eggplants who were at the bottom We were on top these hot eggplant spread chopped garlic and you will immediately feel garlic smell add finely chopped dill
  • 03:00: pouring oil stir and all my our dear snack We almost ready will only give our luggage Cover with brew plate of eggplant leave at room temperature until full cooling and then remove in refrigerator for 12 hours and can be bring to the table and have in the finished snack before serving you
  • 03:30: can at will and add sugar to taste if one is not enough the salt vinegar salt Pepper in general, all that you see fit, and so we our dear request for Eggplants like mushrooms not ready It remains to wish you bon appetit prepare hope that it thanks for you too They were with me watching video and all you very, very