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  • 00:00: you going to mountains dirty things scattered throughout home of my friend needlewoman Alia Wolf argues that solve this problem help laundry rope way we are now some water and learn hello my expensive for girlfriend if that 5 children great happiness but when children in summer dress up as often as an adult a nightmare where no go everywhere here these slides dirty laundry apart from the fact that these
  • 00:30: baskets can be store things that already dirty before washing It can be stored on These toy bucket may be out of here twine just for bull rope on venous and looks well, just fantastic and what cap fantastic looks and stands quite expensive I like to shop seen at least 300 hryvnia price of such baskets sometimes comes up to fifteen hundred hryvnia is a basket I cost a lot less because I dealing with his hands on a basket little can spend max 75 hryvnia slowly
  • 01:00: bathe clothesline rope us for this need 30 meters and yet we need It is the basis of the frame for that I took just an ordinary bucket it can be the core any plastic the volume of which home, depending on the of any size we want to Basket get me show now he is the principle of how the right to do this basket and then options and the size you You can choose to its discretion for to make inner wall our bucket we We will take tissue must be it is quite rough can be dvunitka burlap tarps all Anything tight
  • 01:30: to keep a little bit of shape and without large holes we are all evil glue and glue Adhesive should not so as not to leak glued to Plastic friend us need for this bucket 40 centimeters of tissue respectively, than longer have the bucket More will need to not but we have to fabric the size of the bucket and then you can already to wind the rope directly without cover more a high level of cover ended basket still ongoing little clear you can just reel fabric but we rather rudely I decided to look still slightly
  • 02:00: Baste the main that at this stage She held form We will rope simply twist such spirals to move from the center the bottom take the cords what have we alternate different colored glue is applied favorite glue gun but if all the same in economy we still We have not got this useful gizmo how glue can be replaced construction adhesive pva it is sufficiently thick dries quickly and secured together completely variety materials can be his also use glue will do stiffer our
  • 02:30: design it is essentially that we will immediately double layer use ropes or is it just for you to quickly This work has gone faster and this alternating color but in this a basket, too bright color you I use the rope just thinner longer need to spending longer fight and a little bit longer will flow well Now that the ropes such diverse it being very affordable by two and a half hryvnia in up to a meter and bottom ends We need to move on lateral surface as well
  • 03:01: make I crop the fact that we have already there and now the place from which resulted in our two cord we fasten bright already gently smooth move to the side parts the main thing is that all of the good She stuck to the fabric our base and little that she does the inside of baskets beautiful she also connects all Rope interconnected I want with you share different sekretik about ropes if home presence is simply ordinary white the clothesline it is possible to paint
  • 03:31: acrylic paint them Of course, it is desirable do so before as we have already sticking to the basis of just always get accurately enough and uniformly any capacity to dissolve acrylic paint little water to it has become quite the liquid to be placed rope literally a few minutes later, she saturated with paint and omen color that we need great and then it turns out because of acrylic paints waterproof This basket principle and in the bathroom the room will be well feel that there not a drop of water spoil its color absolutely. like you I think
  • 04:01: We will succeed in all because it easy to just glue there is now a matured plump super glue and fix lanes immediately to spare yes it is necessary to make sure that that on the outside side between rope could be seen not Glue then the work but be careful it should be enough to still received a rigid frame get somewhere I learned about this method basketry very A lot of everything
  • 04:31: We derive from the Internet in fact it is all needlewoman makes especially with European sites Americans enough equipment easy but we just keep on circle spiral stick rope that every Is hot to handle he immediately but to grasp In order to fully the spade turned powerful enough a frame he is somewhere for an hour half should be here and then boldly it can be use what What about the cover can be just done cover either lined cap but frankly I I made just here here so the easy way
  • 05:01: we do a loop and then loops around begin wrap coils neatly between a glue and start accelerate a constant example to our bucket to diameter of us We need to get and then, in principle, you can safely put on table and here and so on range of wind central spiral we sizing and adhesive what we externally on presses and pasted presses the tail of can we have it
  • 05:32: singe lighter to capture and it is not to unravel can tape it glue or paint or glue the same too hot fix it in we have no frame enough so mobile soft and they you can plant Natka then it will be more under it but I think looks very beautiful . how can I like these options and not only beautiful and as comfortable in order to visit home perfect order thank you so much youtube you greetings
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