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Free thermoglue from a plastic bottle [Free hot melt from a plastic bottle]  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello. many peoplewatched my first movie on the topic of free hot melt adhesive,now continue. some viewers noticedthat the foamed plastic, I usednot so widespread, so I want to offer youattention to other, very600:00:17,840 --> 00:00:21,490common materialfor hot-melt adhesive - a plastic bottle. If we take thebottle, you probably can guess from which this bottle isPepsi or Coke and almost all aerateddrinks and podnesёm to Penuel,
  • 00:34: a bottle begins to melt,but it is best to cut it strips to make it easierwas heated because melting temperatureit is very large. Behold, I, hairdryer 600 degrees, withhard it warms, and when strips razrezheshit is normal. Here, cut, such a strip, take, centimeterstwo, two and a half.
  • 01:15: Now let's try to stick togetherwooden parts. Thus, Now, begins to melt.Well, melted now
  • 01:51: try to stick together. nowwait a bit to
  • 02:21: Connect cold. You see,bend and still kept,
  • 03:15: Now a little more cool.So, let's break now
  • 03:56: her. An excellent result,look. connection is good if the adhesive comes offtogether with pieces of wood. Here she collapseda piece of wood. Pay attention. As well as industrial,This can also be hot-melt
  • 04:39: Again heat and glueagain and if industrial hotmelt, like this, thisthing is still a one-time, i.e. it a second time, aftergun, do not run once the gun, thenhairdryer can be bonded onethe same place over and over again, so that you have, there is aunlimited supply of glue of the bottles. Just you improveecology recycling
  • 05:09: of the bottles. Just you improveecology recycling date. Good luck!