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  • 00:00: Before we start carry out wrinkles let's get on with the vest Now using this leaf paper cell consider loop distribution the central part shelves process performing folds
  • 00:31: the width of the leaf Paper 30 cells as well as the width the central part vest 30 loops one cell one loop crease in width our example, three loop like this formed crease foreign part of the three folds loops and six an inner loop part in masonry a result of performing folds we diminish 6 loops and It remains three hinges the outer part wrinkles we
  • 01:01: now considering right shelf and central loop front part distributed as first we provyazyvaem 6 loops side of the vest then points to marvel at the following we form loops then the crease 2 This loop provyazyvaem distance between and then folds we do the following crease the formation of this folds also participates loops 9 3 It is the outer loop
  • 01:33: part of masonry and 6 the inside and from the side of the middle forehand mm and more about 4 process loops knit form each we remove the folds 6 loop is a loop the inside of fold wrinkles we laying on from the center to the side seams in it we have the right and the shelf it left shelf and folds formed accurately
  • 02:03: as the direction from the center of that is from the middle to the side seams is right shelf from the beginning vest glasses we knit 27 centimeters and now Getting formation folds we first knit 6 loop straps garter stitch all loop knit 1 person Wrong, this loop loop groove then we knit about 6
  • 02:33: and on the front loops the next nine Hinged we shape crease will make it So take a needle and two loops 3 first then another spoke with them following three and loops of 6
  • 03:03: loops and these three loop It is on the left spoke here this is now we place the needle so for the left spokes to a loop watched wrong side to wrong side but that we spoke just arrange for not work turning loops 95 and so folds or we are on
  • 03:33: three spokes and now we provyazyvat three times for 3 loops together Now we introduce the needle the first three loops first first loop and put then the second and then in the third loop and knit together a person like this neatly stretch thread three hinges so Knit the first three then we loop
  • 04:03: knit the next 3 loop as gently introduce spoke to each loop of three grab the thread stretch it through three loops like this Now the next 3 loop knit together they can knit and differently here now all loops reshoot one spoke outweigh them left needle and knit together face
  • 04:33: That's how someone like more convenient this way, we made the first crease then we knit facial 2 Loop is the distance between folds distance between folds can can be different make a distance of 2 loops and three and even four loops also how to start form the first crease can not knit 6 stitches how we did it and for example, only a third
  • 05:03: as you like so we knit 2 May age and distance between folds now begin do the following crease again on additional needle them three loops take another additional needle Remove the following 3 rotate the needle loop here so that
  • 05:34: eyelets now has wrong side to wrong side against each other and third, we spoke Located just behind the first two spokes without turning it here and now here is the 9 loop we start provyazyvat 3 loops together right person entered in the first
  • 06:05: then in the loop the second loop and a third loop like this extend a thread three loops carefully cast off knit loops with needles so provyazat first 3 Loop together now knit the next 3 Loop together again
  • 06:35: Knit loops 3 together and the last Just about knit 3 loops together knit the last just 3 loops together here Thus, we We made another crease well and further dovyazyvaem number to
  • 07:07: and so in the end purl row we knit loops Strap loop groove and now we will knit the central loop let us remember that first in the center was Thirty-loops a result of performing folds We has lowered to 6 loops each total 12 loops 30 minus 12 we The remaining 18 loops knit central 18 stitches and purl
  • 07:38: so we performed two and then folds knit one a back row and now we knit 8 rows of garter viscous at all loops includes the loop groove and so is the front side we are now knit all sts face we face a number of
  • 08:14: Knit all sts Now knit face a back row in the same way at all we knit loops we all face knit 8 rows in garter viscous that is all loop knit face and so we knit 8 rows of garter viscous then another row knit
  • 08:45: facial loops Now we turn work on the wrong side and start prepare to implementation Openwork and therefore we the central hinge fresh is all the loops and so wrong turn work on the wrong side about knit 6 face loop is a loop lath then one loop and its grooves
  • 09:16: knit and face and the next 18 loops is the central loop we knit so wrong we are preparing to perform openwork so we knit underside 18 of the central loops now about knit loop in the groove purl row we it knit face then about knit 6 facial loops is strap hinges turn work on the front side and now on
  • 09:47: central hinges we We will knit openwork drawing in the center Now 18 loops rapport fat figure 15 loop 18 minus 15 equals 3 these three loops can be distribute so two loop we bind to openwork knit and then 15 loops and Jora and one fresh after the loop you complete the openwork so the front row
  • 10:17: first knit 6 loop straps then we knit about 1 seamy loop is groove in the loop personal row we were binding wrong and then we knit facial 2 loop that we were only two this loop
  • 10:47: previous Now Openwork first number and Jora is 4 facial loop then we knit 2 loop together with slope right I outweighed loop because I see grandmother loops 1 front 1 sc 1 front 1 sc 1 The front and the next 2 loop we provyazyvaem together with slope then we left knit loops 4 person and so we ended up
  • 11:20: knit rapport openwork pattern and we have another loop would knit face You mean the knit loop and the underside of the groove 6 loops knit face of this loop strips and so on We continue to knit rapport openwork figure and so we 1 and salts rapport
  • 11:50: openwork pattern I I remind you that with the right side of the openwork we Now 2 loops who stayed after we We have lowered loops folds and on the left hand we only one loop and here now we have one extra remove the loop knit These two loops together so we continue here this sloping line and we will do it front row next rapport in
  • 12:21: Right here's shelves this bar It comes from gorlovinki but it from the armhole on bar from neck we We continue to knit additional rows ie we knit only the loop slats and do it three times to end of work but on the bar with side of the armhole will this man do to
  • 12:51: planochka tight abuts the shoulder Knit the first row openwork pattern first we were binding about 6 facial loops is then strap loop about knit 1 Wrong this loop the loop groove now about facial knit loops 2 and the next two loops we knit together
  • 13:21: Thus, we take one extra loop on the right side of the loop, we knit with slope right so we right side dash cheers there was one loop on both the left side the following 2 facial loops and all at the beginning of the first row filigree pattern and have knit 4 loop here we Knit all 4 facial rapport loop and the next two loops we are knit together with the right slope
  • 13:51: spades we must outweigh them and I I have outweighed beforehand so now just knit together with the slope right behind the front knit 1 1 sc 1 front 1 sc 1 facial The following two loops we knit together Lego following passage openwork pattern then we figure knit 1 and 4 facial loop that we
  • 14:24: It remained after the openwork then we were binding 1 seamy loop this loop groove and 6 facial loops is Strap loop here Now we'll link the two and more so Only hinged I remind you that the forms we do this only on the part of the bank gorlovinki so we Knit 6 stitches Now strap turn work
  • 14:54: on the front side working thread by work right the spokes of the left outweighed the loop Unscrew and thread and continue to knit strap hinges, and so on planochki by neck we tied two additional series and on the side bar armholes we do not do more we will continue knitting the central hinge
  • 15:25: We will continue knit openwork drawing just after we made folds we have to knit 16 centimeters I want to draw your note that in the same s glasses, we do not not close the loop throat not for the armhole is its feature and so continuing knitting then you can subtract several loops the central part canvas here now width of the central
  • 15:55: part of a total of 17 loops loops can diminish in the front row openwork pattern let's see how So first we knit loop straps then 1 Wrong loop, this loop groove and now for to imperceptibly we subtract loop
  • 16:25: again use Now this inclined lines so we knit one face but these we knit the two loops together so we remove one loop and so let us remember the first row openwork pattern so we have to fit in knit 4 facial Here it first loop we decrease We did to the black the figure has attitude so we
  • 16:55: 2 facial provyazat loop the loop is a number 1 openwork pattern and now we knit Two more loops and of 4 loops and so Knit 4 sts now we provyazyvaem two loops together knit 1 front 1 sc one front 1 sc 1 following facial 2
  • 17:26: loop knit together with the then left slope we knit facial 2 I have a loop recall and knit 4 These two loops we knit together because we have subtract from this strange and over and so the entire loop we get together with the loop 3 loop and another hour knit one loop
  • 17:56: that's the way unnoticed in the first row of openwork report we can diminish eyelets in the same year we sunglasses gradually this knitting stage diminish loop the first row of openwork this can not to do and knit flat the shoulder line as the and we want to diminish loop and at the end of in the central part in we will have only 11
  • 18:26: loops