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Pattern OPENWORK TRIANGLES. Knitting by # 378 spokes  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello everyone I'll knit a pattern openwork triangles here I tied three reports one width two three and four report height circuit pattern and description I put the characters on reference my blog look under the video type the number loops multiple of 11 read + 2 edge Edge loops here not specified read the diagram on the right
  • 00:30: left knit to the end and repeat the report from 11 loops needed us the number of times purl rows all loops knit along the pattern crochet purl pattern repeat from 1 to 9 row 11 we knit the same way as well as Perm and so I I type 11 loops plus 2 edges 13 and we will knit 1 rub knitting first row edged
  • 01:00: we remove without tying first row we knit all loops by purl the last edge also always knit purl 2 rows knit on the pattern in this case we have all loops facial
  • 01:30: the last edge purl third row edge off face cushion 3 facial
  • 02:00: three together purl grab 3 loops we bind them purl 3 facial cape facepiece purl the fourth row is knitted pause
  • 02:30: edge off purl purl purest purl face purl and so in all the interference of the series knit crochet pattern purest purl last
  • 03:00: Edge binding purl fifth row Edge 3 Facial 2 excuse the facial nakid 2 facial 3 together purl 2 faceplates 2 Facial Edge
  • 03:31: the sixth row is knit by pattern 7 row first we remove the loop at facial napid 3 together purl face cushion 3 facial
  • 04:02: purl ninth row edgeband 4 facial накид 3 together purl naki 4 facial the last edge
  • 04:38: We knit by purl tied the 9th row the last row rapping 11 series knitting as well as the first the end result is so cute look at this all subscribe to my channel as I leave links under video on my instagram facebook to my group vkontakte can sign I wish all the best for all bye