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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I I will cook yeast dough this dough is unique so that you can cook like cakes Tat pies the dough is not sweet and yeast and so I need to preparation of this test milk butter eggs yeast flour sugar salt and a little vegetable oil first we take a bowl of warm milk I I poured the milk and Now I add to fresh yeast can
  • 00:30: also use dry yeast if they you like them well then you come you are using you are my friend we that you accustomed more necessary as should stir that they are well melted perhaps well below I add a tablespoon spoon of salt without slides tablespoon of sugar and a little flour
  • 01:02: carefully sugar mix add a little flour as a liquid pancakes this should be consistency and is set aside Further, we need 2 egg cream oil is not necessary
  • 01:39: to melt it It was soft egg shake up a bit and do not hot melted butter add the egg mass mix well add here a little flour eggs and butter I
  • 02:15: add milk our first yeast lot of good stir Now remove the whisk add your album meal for not much I add a little flour and mix thoroughly all
  • 02:45: time interfere stir add more flour remove the spoon as the the cat is no longer possible Knead the dough and We do it manually yeast dough most The main thing not to shift
  • 03:15: flour to the dough does not It turned the sole and was air light ballista to it melted when it bakes in mouth yeast dough He loves hands what will be more on knead the better so it will be more flexible and more air can add literally a couple of tablespoons vegetable oil note already
  • 03:51: the dough does not stick to hand does not stick the edges of the cups and so you Mishina well Intermedia it and the dough in the way of I have done and I it now Leaving cup to it is up the first time for this I need to cover with a cloth or covered with a towel father, we will rest until the until she rise cap so 30-40 minutes that will be enough
  • 04:22: my friend of a very good they quickly even raise the dough without sponge and so passed 40 minutes dough rose it need print very well obmyat very well punched that the whole issue carbon dioxide such a beautiful soft
  • 04:54: due to the fact that We put some vegetable oil the end of the test is not stick to the hands or not the table does not oilcloth well as mint and test I remove the back I think that the cup 20 minutes later he 30 will rise again very strong and can It will be the oven products which you
  • 05:24: want to cover or set aside aside So it took another 25 minutes and my dough and rose again now it can be I like to use for any pies and horns, etc. so the dough yeast unsalted me willing to try cook recipe is very light in principle for half an hour you You can already start
  • 05:54: bake ware all Bon Appetit and until we meet again subscribe to our until the channel