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  • 00:00: Hello everyone An amazing day for in order to prepare the most wonderful dessert under the name given I will prepare it for a very rare recipe it's not quite yo I am tried this dessert at his grandmother he
  • 00:31: just amazing for this we will need on a water bath 100 grams of creamy oils then issued 2 very large dining rooms spoons of honey this about 60 grams and certainly put and sugar to us need 200 grams it's all a clutch on
  • 01:05: steam bath here she is steam bath the bowl which is us will need to be so that, with a small temperature melt pressure butter and sugar of how consistency has become homogeneous techniques it continues
  • 01:38: remain at one's same steam bath, we add food soda see me especially with a pea that is here such a spoonful soda tea is us added and begin mix learn not to so that the codes diverged stats of honey and butter it even changed her
  • 02:13: color we are all we remove with steam bath and leave in side after that how we added the soda left to rest half a minute add chicken eggs and carefully mix with a whisk by hand all the soda We add eggs to one strict 1 one was blended with five minutes around added
  • 02:46: the second is also carefully above half a minute we throttled add health and river add flour flour should be added strictly through a sieve add gram 100 first we knead an evening
  • 03:16: we take a bezel be cut add another gram of 100 add another 100 grams flour that is one by one
  • 03:47: gram could have added three times respectively it's already 300 more than 100 grams flour and again it it up at last he mass already turns into tests and this I added 400
  • 04:17: gram of flour the consistency should be exactly that how shady it all do not collect boards begin to knead already hand cover our dough food foil and launch it refrigerator for
  • 04:47: half an hour to full I took out the cool dough from a bowl she chilled and perco now we sprinkle this flour by the way when they got necessarily too can sprinkle now we will roll out into which sausage dough sausage evenly distributes this way and
  • 05:19: divide it into 9 parts 9 the cake is cut off 9 pskov do such big balls we take parchment paper poured me lightly flour take our one prepared by from nine cakes distribute here this way from above also
  • 05:49: sprinkle with flour distribute roll out such a corn we take the form to you it was convenient then it it's up to the whole business
  • 06:21: beautifully but these I do not remove the edges bake with we launch the whole cake oven for temperature 200 degrees for 3 minutes this is such a rosy later 3 did not turn out it is necessary in mandatory candles immediately after baking these the ends are very easy we assign them immediately we remove in order so that it does not interfere
  • 06:52: this is such a rosy biscuit is like this thickness he has with us turned out although we rolled out very thin at once shift to a plate and so we we will do all the same maneuvers with our test again and again, even 8 times here are such handsome men
  • 07:27: we get cut pieces which we then offers . but for now we baked gradually prepare wonderful cream whisk until lush weight 300 grams butter then gradually we add the condensed add condensed
  • 08:01: onda 150 grams of movies add not 150 more grams of condensed milk in general it turns out
  • 08:32: 300 grams of condensed milk and 300 grams Butter one to one all whisk all very just the next stage after the cream to us it will take Greek walnut peeled 100 gram serve it was very long and tediously I brushed it clean himself we beat it all such a kamani if y you do not have a harvester you
  • 09:02: can take a walnut take a rag kitchen towel which in principle purely you must just beat it all few . these are the branches couple of movements a food processor I got it all back we pour well such beauty turned out remaining trimming refer to
  • 09:32: throw the same food processor as it's at home you can do without combine all very just you have to of this meat grinder we beat this whole thing up small crumbs here such a shallow small crumbs combine harvester and 100 grams of our nuts 30 grams
  • 10:02: add this crumb from ours and simply mix and bone everything is very simple easily lay out the first sheet position of it cream so good like
  • 10:32: sprinkle with our nuts you have to stretch it's all for 9 shorts and so each layer the next cake and we'll do everything too
  • 11:04: its best pressed we smeared everything I now have a cake choose the side which way to well cover or that no one said that a little cream is not what
  • 11:34: something like that it is necessary as each layer cudgel so that you here and so from the edges flowed cream note in the next stage and the simplest and most completing us will then be needed krovushka which we lulled this
  • 12:06: neatly Required tank so that we also had this cup is falling asleep first up and then like this all pressed very easily nothing here terrible there everything is very simple Here is such a cake it turned out carefully this all is pressed for
  • 12:36: that it is all kept very clean they squeeze but then all getting here so beautiful honey cake I got on special recipe of my grandmothers to all pleasant appetite away try this recipe he just magic subscribe to my channel all bye bye