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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends to the water and gardeners that we I've met I barely on your channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden I am today, as always at the head invite cook something delicious to us winter with potatoes It was something eat today you want to offer his recipe I had to go home constantly doing many Whether right turns very very tasty all the more so now We with you already greenhouse ripe here's a look tomatoes
  • 00:31: This gave birth to our out our greenhouse salt and astronaut wolves and taxes heart is here and Konigsberg different varieties ripened tomatoes we pepper pepper a gift a young well that we need for this speeches we need to our workpiece your bank 1 gram tomato them we We miss you through a meat grinder or I chop the blender It is made in advance get this here like Koshak
  • 01:02: so we need to you pepper pepper Pepper will go with two half a kilo pepper chicken is not basically someone like love can rings possible pieces can be This is how we love this is how you daughters this is your slice the case the choice is yours so we crushed our tomatoes are we now You should shredded net weight of the tomatoes already from
  • 01:32: net weight of the tomatoes chopped tomatoes for to flow than meat grinder should be two kilos Now all wiped we add the floor glass vegetable oil glasses I 250 gram that is 125 grams vegetable oil odorless we We add our tomatoes we add you half cup sugar sand and one tablespoon
  • 02:03: a spoon that's wrong with the salt pile let's stop detail is But on our circle the bulk tomato mass, we it with you now We put on the stove and it is somewhere in the moment boiling should boil for 20 minutes, then there is little Cook's how just the same at this point when you hover you can do
  • 02:33: pepper when sliced pepper it will boil you You can try it has not fundamentally in this recipe sugar someone loves sweeter someone who likes a smaller sugar because that so you can salt and sugar add to taste as you like my recipe is a floor cup sugar tablespoon of salt with and half a glass slide vegetable oil Oil is of course all
  • 03:04: equal to half a cup of well what we send our tomato sauce plate cleaning bell pepper to remove the two-by leg with seeds you help is here device myself bought his very for a long time to sell and for conventional trades for all banks preservation very comfortable device should I suggest you a penny purchase and so the sauce we boiled Well prokipel about
  • 03:35: 10 20 all depend from you cope with pepper pepper We cut all now we ourselves should you send pepper if that's such a here It is formed as it were, foam you eat it nothing terrible just mix and now we do not shoot must add our here not shove frightened you have 1 experience will something like a little
  • 04:05: liquid fluid but a lot of our pepper cooked and therefore people are fine with the moment of boiling Peppers should have a you pokipit 20 minutes when we serve from pepper you should will definitely cover lid 5 minutes before closure our cooking pepper tomatoes we need to add little pepper peas and add one
  • 04:37: tablespoon nine percentage of vinegar and all we have with you boil for 5 minutes and we we lay on if banks look carefully that before workpiece held in total of half an hour, you see it getting here is as if the feeling as if he is fallen up but he pretty solid it should not be he little weakling I was supposed to be here with
  • 05:07: such as if they grew jars we sterilized clean cover procs baked for half an hour It has passed since boiling on boiling our pepper ready I have become all spread out on the banks and We try to roll put more pepper the bank's then I have to fill sauce but I want you tell you not worry if you You stayed sauce it happens you have it can just
  • 05:37: roll up to the banks and now or simply put in the refrigerator and then use for gravy or for borsch how far the agreement We rolled our Mechik jars we 6 cans turned two cans of 850 grams and now Now these jars I think somewhere 650,700 gram all advise cook very very tasty with you Julia was it me its channel in the garden Do great in the garden than you
  • 06:07: blanks and excellent until the harvest