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Elastic closing of loops of an elastic band  See details »

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  • 00:00: dear needlewoman Today you show elastic Jenny loops why he called because the ego come up Janice te yong but now many already forgotten who came up with this this method and simply call it flexible method loop closure natural that flexible approach us needed at closing loops gum
  • 00:30: elasticity reached thanks to the collar we make over Well loop collar it is the name of a in general it's just sc now I you I show you how to make These collars and more precisely and sc closing hinges and so first we will start you understand how closes gum one on one here we have the first loop
  • 01:01: loop we shoot on the right needle and we now have further It is the front loop I note that you immediately collars for facial and the back loops made by different Now the front loop and collar for her made such way cloak themselves sc how unusual we do by yourself and myself here at the cape We had a sc Next we provyazyvaem
  • 01:32: loop as the front she lies and hooking left spokes and this one Here we nakida We throw it on loop just Now knit and now we need to previous loop on right spokes throw this Knit loop with collar and 1 here loop we already closed now on we are Wrong loop for it we
  • 02:03: We do another spring we make sc on himself as usual we we do it on provyazyvaem this loop from on to members as it lies again collar's apply this knit We do it with a loop Use the left and spokes again apply our previous loops on just knit with here we have a collar It has two loops Next is closed
  • 02:33: front and back loop I show you that to the front loop Now do the collar thus cape Me and provyazyvaem front loop We apply our collar the so-called collar on the loop using the left spokes and the previous loop pounce on the loop just provyazyvayu look at us
  • 03:03: it turns out that's a closing loops collars and she be flexible Now I knit more loops to well it was visible so that the edge really obtained Elastic is we Wrong loop then we face
  • 03:36: a loop Wrong and here Now you can have see that really Territory obtained
  • 04:06: it is elastic Petlin and hangs like a to a ledge something from the collar to the So I tied terenzi gum rather closed loop gum gum 1 1 flexible method as you can see really Territory a rubbery He stretched and and because you can see
  • 04:36: These collars on they are well-hinge viewed this regard gum 1 1 now let's get the other two rubber bands two or more Typically the amount of 5 closing this This method states that colleague that the loop first loop group loops of the same name should be with collar it means that when transition from e.g.
  • 05:08: by backstitches loops facial 1 Peter here this loop should be collar and later without collar and so we It was Wrong loop we turn to front and do it again collar I remind you that the collar for facial loops It made easy sc to itself provyazyvaem front snapped the collar this knit loop and then We jumped on it
  • 05:39: the previous loop Next we again front and so on rule we simply usually closed way that is provyazyvaem two loops together but with the next loop Wrong ie This will be the first loop group loops of the same name group backstitches loops and we will have to do again collar and this is logical because that even the effect of
  • 06:09: gum we get it at changing from one loop on the other, and so we have to backstitches loops making the collar sc by itself as usually provyazyvaem loop seamy loop throw on her collar when Use the left and spokes throw previous loops on this knit just the same when Use the left spokes The following loop we
  • 06:39: usually closed way provyazyvaem two loops together here is the rule that is, if you will gum 3 Sodium the three loops, we Only the first loop You have to do with collar and remaining close in the usual way but I want to tell you that There are different cases closing the loop I I have this piece and now for example if we close toe which hide from Top to toe
  • 07:09: unusual as the cuff we were binding down on females and and cut off from going up and the toe ending with cuffs with a rubber band in this case it loops close to all collar and why because up to us I should be very good stretched especially socks tally for people elderly elderly when the sock and dress
  • 07:39: But in the moment passing it through But on the heel line lifting the toe very It should be well extended if the the time it will be very strongly tensioned in his first be uncomfortable secondly, this dress edge will tear faster so I I advise you in these cases do each loop gum close to even if the collar This gum 2 on 2 or 3
  • 08:09: 3 and if we were binding such sleeve from shoulder to the bottom and at the end close yet again loops gum they should not strongly stretched our hand though it will be if ugly gum will be very strongly stretched so in these cases, on the contrary We need to stick the right to close only the first loop group loops of the same name so each case yourself think
  • 08:39: how to do it better to gum very strongly stretched or that it is here is she best tension would be so and so I said, repeat order to close the loop gum 2 2 2 hinges on two We need to close with collar only the first loop group loops of the same name such that is here at We face 2 of which 1
  • 09:09: loop should be associates and closed second ordinary ways goes on 2 purl loops from They 1 loop should be closed collar conventional 2 way, and now I close all other according to the rule loop this rule loop closure Jenny and you will see that I will I plant has reached the end all its models closed and now you and can be seen from
  • 09:39: make sure that really Territory obtained this elastic Gum is a two by two gum alone as you can see if viewed from above the loops over the world website such Carney zig and then has a collar loop So I hope that you are now able close the loop flexible method by Jenny Thank you for attention