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Scrappy sewing for beginners. Stitch art  See details »

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  • 00:00: art stitch stozhka Sasha to itself Me is already a work like patchwork, even here this box I have prepared screed exactly as previous it may itself have been very so expressive element start with fiction stozhki for fiction stozhki need sure they Stencil here I there is such a cliche cut out of cardboard
  • 00:30: impose a stencil sharpened or soap or chalk it is now encircle commercially available special are disappearing and there are two markers the type who reads water can be simply rub cloth and there that reads from that is, from the air time passes some kind period of time and it disappears therefore you can use these pencils only like
  • 01:01: will not give and not what they lack of dry as love pen so if you buy pencil you should know that you have it You will use so many and so circled Now we have such picture so now insert a thread in a needle in color art Stitch should be absolutely fall in the color of your fabric is there should be no thread should be seen as be visible stitches your little same most no knots
  • 01:33: absolutely start whip from the middle and always from the middle and Only from the middle So without touching the inside out without touching anchoring inside out the thread is now doing small seam ago a needle which is then will close your Steshka slightly Again tighten the seam not back needle touching
  • 02:03: pulled inside out thread keeps Now We begin to lash tiny stitches literally one injection and when you master this tie you You can already gain set out is none one injection and then multiple injections needle again show all that I show It can be quite whip the machine but the machine Stitch it more flat products it turns out is not so
  • 02:34: magnificent in any case it is not necessary So I pull Now I show here were a lot tails here you can not do in any case it not properly tie It must be completely easy to go to bed at fabrics are not collecting it is not pulling and behold look we got from now to the beginning our work and To behold these
  • 03:05: Here the initial stitches we could not see them simply repeat stuck to that is, as it turns out a few stitches you will have a double but nothing wrong but this is not you good clean Now the reverse side as the secured through thickness without affecting seamy side through the thickness of you spend any stitch that you It looks to itself do seam ago
  • 03:36: the needle back through the sintepon all Output to any place a little bit thread tightens all-all hidden in sintepon here you turned a such central detail seen it already convex later than not to leave traces of chalk necessary just take cloth slightly damp cloth all delete it Now we begin to Now these small details
  • 04:06: whip absolutely likewise Now we have finished art stozhku also take out our gumption it without nodes and nonetheless see even she certainly still touches from the nodes do not pull so now clearer picture
  • 04:40: on absolutely flat Fabric what we It left remaining trace of chalk Depending on the soap It matters what you you just use Now take a cloth and so ordinary dry cloth is all Here's a whisk we turned drawing Here is such a convexity and when the
  • 05:10: If around here some drawing of We collected Kutikov looks very nice especially if combined is such a like round shape stozhki with some round ornament in will flap very cute then you just as well trim the edges and align all on the board all your stozhka ready to clean I now carefully I show on the wrong side here seamy side you do not have
  • 05:42: no folds nodes no creases here the reverse side is to be absolutely accurate exactly the same small stitches like on the face are the same must be on seamy side then this is the right stitch is here art stitch