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  • 00:00: I prepare aromatic green adzhiku what will I need I will need basic ingredient for adzhika this green chili peppers then I will need green tomatoes we use necessarily green tomatoes then green sweet pepper and so
  • 00:31: go now I will prepare other vegetables will be cleaned up their and here so I cut so that they fit meat grinder I cook option of green Adjiki
  • 01:01: cold type then there is no thermal processing so the tomatoes too ready to look at everything
  • 01:32: already as beautiful already you can eat garlic friends of garlic add to adzhika in proportion love garlic I prepared everything now I will put meat grinder and start adjika remove the stem and
  • 02:14: put the meat grinder like in cilantro and in parsley so that's all ingredients we passed through meat grinder
  • 02:44: I mix I add slightly fragrant Kuban oil make it more elastic beautiful now salt for it quantity I will add one and a half teaspoons salt mix and all Adjika is ready all I transfer to the bank
  • 03:14: I remind you that for longer and proper storage Adjiki from raw raw ingredients Adjiki need necessary in advance to sterilize the jar I it did for a couple of 15 minutes due to this Adjika will be stored up to 1 year but only in the refrigerator behold
  • 03:47: Adjika is ready remove and refrigerator and already tomorrow even today you can and try