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Self-made electrode for cast iron welding.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Nastya, if not all one evil Subscriber tired of you already with its svarochniki give a lot of DIY and different Well they have me call it that go to the world knocks means now and I tell I will show you how to make the electrode by cast iron I came up with this final We invented it back in
  • 00:31: Soviet Slavic cheek all who do not know words that suddenly He opened and told properties sufficient arc Academician Petrov in 1802 year and in 1882 Nicholas Nikolaevich Bernard and patented several species sweet 1888 Didenko Slavyanov also patented several kinds of lights ie chiefs
  • 01:01: reference Russian Slavs and it bernardes so for stories to you know, and do not forget about what it is we they fly into space Americans but the same Americans buy from We cover missile who cook Russian These welders move Tape 180 were developed 50 years ago, they still repeat can not I specifically for those people who are not in
  • 01:31: They give an example American sweeter to them to continue to grow our and grow It means to make but homemade face cast iron is not much mind any necessary or needed that's all love the main thing that he well burned copper wire but any desirable many desirable wife why such a thin thick but again not it is necessary to remove the varnish, too the wire should be
  • 02:02: pure thick it worse melts show what we wind more copper topic coat, and not to spare and and Now that awarded I'm talking about the wolf for the best melted much better than this can only but also several why many layers be able to if you have electrodes for all stainless steel chic and if there is at stainless Steel nickel
  • 02:32: there percent 60 70 80 all just a fairy tale then if you Wind the copper Take advantage of a copper electrode iron welding why to be able to cast this iron and a minimum of two percent carbon is obtained Chubu any carbon they have hardened when carbon that is, it is well tempered steel. Here is power and so carbon is not
  • 03:03: not dissolve It has obtained the seam not uniform seam height to railways it is no longer iron Of course, mixed with but the carbon more copper the better i.e Then more chances that the seam will not burst the there will not crack along the seam but can burst somewhere side by side about how cast iron cooking I have more to say more detail I Hire talk show
  • 03:34: there is something in general interesting stuff but some iron when the astral ie expanding when the water from the liquid state into Honey and I mean beats to ice expands all know that if where the fact that the freeze that are new to the rock you her cheek we going all the same when cooling many of these scale but who cooked tight though once all heard here This nasty evil yes
  • 04:04: when you're just easy to clean what he getting tired and te te te ki / all Wait lost all gone cracks and ran take bugil pray their sweet gods, and will not it may turn out take days clear cast metal interesting about it, I still in details I tell the more delay the better the
  • 04:34: yes no no connects with carbon It turns himself seam subjected to hardening undergo at least if you have electrode but want although there is no iron of cast iron electrodes I tell a friend video necessarily I want the future to be there will still be a lot of interesting and well Any nutshell liters if any there for stainless steel well and it would be good carbon monoxide poisoning we wind
  • 05:05: copper wire from we get iron electrode 1 I get a year and how soars well all again I tell you when I will tell specifically on the fight iron all clear anything difficult is not present next video I tell what hot statue of false or julie that's it all thank you bye