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Passo a Passo Flor de Crochê Margarida para aplica ção por JNY Crochê  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello guys Today's viola I'm going to teach you to You're the new crochet girl who It's the caribbean sea flower Good, we 're going to need a line in the colors yellow and also white is the color used will be number 2 boy it's ok folks so let's go step by step
  • 00:31: So here, guys, for the little our daisy Let's make a magic circus by leaving a leftover piece at first let's go to do is a needle itself and pull the I'm going to make three chains and work in here leaves the circus magical 15 points high counting along with the three chains in the
  • 01:07: At first we'll have this in me. 16 point high book is ok remembering that when we do if the magic we need to carry the order of the works until the end of work Okay, so I'm going to work with the 16 high points the thread of the works here took me to the
  • 01:52: end of work I'll pull to adjust the start here my line that the center here in my hymn and let's attach a very low point closing our little doll here. daisy here we finish the thread and let's move on to the fifpro remembering
  • 02:27: that in the end we're going to have to leave kill this thread here is ok from the works of beginning for it does not open when it broke my book and will not give up and as the white thread we'll make the launch initial I will do it again
  • 02:58: Look at what we do. and pulls the river inside of us and we did al-assad initial let's go inside of some basic dot will pull launched and let's start doing aspects of our flower We are going to make each stone of the following
  • 03:28: way while down two chains and in high point a high point a point high then this first current goes serve as the first low point Let's make two more chains in the next base point We're going to get a high point. a high point while high
  • 04:03: I think with two chains and the next basic meeting I'll make a low then here the first stone of our kitchen daisy again let's do two chains on the next flight and peace a high point a high point double and a high point these three points in the
  • 04:40: same base point two chains and then the next base point we will make a low point We're going to follow this way the whole way back. it's ok folks doing like this until come to the end of our philosophy so I'll keep doing here with two chains a high point in the next base point
  • 05:14: a turu high point and a high point all at the same base point two chains or at the next point of basis makes a low and I 'm already the next petal of my flower Let's keep doing this. and then ending here the last
  • 05:56: petal we 'll hold a dot Very low here on the first chain and we can already get this wire here behind our work It's ok, so this is ours here. daisy flower finished I hope that everyone has liked I'm staying
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