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How to gather in a stomach self-massage? Only 2 minutes for an ideal press. Morning rituals 6.  See details »

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  • 00:00: again all again hello we are continued after training after I recommend you you prepared he is now a museum insists if there is especially you add some components that anything I should be swelled Now we have done always strongly swords you You go in the shower wash and then you put some means you and me talked about how clean Pope legs shown on as the hips massage and today I want you show more too literally two minutes the maximum can even be 1 minute
  • 00:30: Your stomach I I began using Recently, such I use this feature olive oil I general idea toscana know just clippers cosmetics and olive oil just take or or coconut Oil Coconut Oil I saw it here costs or even palm oil, I think you let us know and under it is necessary to find some special Well as a mask at all is that the sheets Take a minute natural oils you will be amazed some food the skin becomes
  • 01:01: apply to the area massaging the abdomen circular motion clockwise please remember here we do not have Is platishko goes up ascending colon then comes the transverse then the downlink and we went straight need during bowel massage make it clear hourly stand you take a right here bottom right and bottom went to the left box You show yourself I naturally videos not ready to massage on the beams Mistura Odessa you here
  • 01:31: massage moves you apply and the warms your belly maybe we already We closed it in that I she found to worth ask then is, this massage is on touch beauty has bought this chain of stores jump even when Bulgaria who was here this I think the Greek who's somewhere lives look beyond Jampa worth Kopeikin letuli paragraph 233 35 the euro was worth before Iftar a packing this
  • 02:02: can still be the date that the massage herself in This in mind, too, not not need much always rub Beauty and the strong then take cam cry remove your fingers straight so here in this part of this part of the begins announce a circle first with one hand you need both more you can do it Don pits where hands shoulders down on the face smile trainer Please elbows We breathe in the hand currently not hold your breath breath breath breath breath and to all parts of
  • 02:32: you want remove it there It can be long on this here that's where they go Why so quiet and Nasirov way I naturally offer of course no waist no matter what abrasion is likely will be the next video Today I want to emoji here you can when massaging their clouds massage I showed when tank massaged domestic rituals if not a pessimist remove you touch
  • 03:02: back and even come and Here, too, a little bit You can direct much these their bones if you but do not overdo it once I it was too far hurt after jumping the reality is the skin skin too sore if too much we We give all around This relationship will it is going to be weird lyrics to injure such movements of circle remembered in a circle and do then up that's up and down that you
  • 03:32: you do not need will slouch and even greet her and sitting at the dinner you is rectified as you You are going to go built with his posture you even slightly you can pull your abdominal muscles and Mr. Duck correctly on the so it really find and you are massaging in a position up Down Up if you have them but a lot of them and be able to smooth out the side just hands enter sentences naturally talk tell me what you want
  • 04:02: to have flat slim you so beautiful it is more convenient that you will happier and joyous positive media to find a formula that I gave you for this I rejuvenation and even at We have a formula for Beauty we do we use now his coterie I'm learning how it is available to people to knock garden if all information you are ready for you write in comments and you will succeed Hockey's make up top down around
  • 04:33: the parties simply can just nice soft gentle movements smoothed round all you are the star I'm waiting for Now the church can that teach the world Naturally I expect from If you have comments you joined our morning flying will give you a link where can join it detail you will learn about here's how you can literally 2 minutes
  • 05:03: a few minutes even for one minute sometimes for half a minute you pay your ease after training after your morning rituals that you You do it Charges and you positive state you little wives classy mood You want a new day is what I am waiting for you find and Phil Heath Allah waiting for your comments about as this you get maybe you are know something, and most The main question that that he is interested in everything so you would still what parts of your body
  • 05:34: concern even where you have there are problem areas you want learn how best to they work as from get rid of them as they are promassirovat and I I gave you their know-how because I have to many parts of the body there are minute that I am ready share thank you for the positive or Day born day high-speed Internet is what digs I can do the gas and When I stay in Moscow I thank you for your congratulations and forward you who will be in the evening straight
  • 06:05: It was at this at this time goes by we have to you tonight will be ester linked to love with the how to tune in a life mutual relations Today he say about it until the evening all till