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How to sew knitted products. HOOK! Ideal machine seam!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friend you on the channel knitting school Svetlana and Kolomeets today we sew product here in my hand goods is my sweater two halves my sweater they do not like halves twitter okay well let This will be our I half twitter specifically linked Two such fry to show them we sew and so this is our front party is Wrong, we face side of their inward folded inwards and We still face
  • 00:31: side and the wrong side He remained outside and Now we will sew our product here is our beautiful region see how beautiful pigtail we on the edge and it is due to the fact that we then knit properly has a first distal edge loop we shoot when knit and last loop we provyazyvaem seamy so that's just such a This way pigtail and it turns us helps a lot staple product staple product we we will crochet I usually do so to me so much more convenient and receiving machine
  • 01:02: the seam if you look at your sweater that is associated for example by car then you will see this one seam look a there is a seam, and that's when we associate compare these I took a two-seam special friend thread in the sense of yes for a different color to then was I see the seam and take here is our product see what I I do here in these two I need pigtails lend them
  • 01:32: 1 pigtail hook one product in one half and business and I'm 2 pigtail I strung those two two braids on the edge Now your hook what I do I take I I hold dear hook My usually as a needle so that those who knits my hook knitters please do not swear to me I'm sorry but I feel so much it is more convenient because I spoke in mostly I knit and I keep it like the spokes correctly
  • 02:02: keep the hook here in this way If you knit cap MTO you do not even need this lesson and I look I strung on a thread finger that's it therefore I I do it when I knit needles clamped in two fingers just Practicing and I formed from this yo that's just I make a loop to see once again I make a loop this time as well, to the front loop
  • 02:33: Now I knit and and I pulled through and now Here are two of our pigtails now I must form another the same I take the loop The following pigtails January 2nd is our land and through them I 5 same stretch and forms a loop I hold out one more in I got 2 loop but still must to be alone so I'm the second loop He drew first He drew once again the edge
  • 03:03: one region 2 is formed loop and stretch it through the two pigtails and two edges through the first loop again another for once the same We do our muddy Screen does not want us show in the picture
  • 03:33: bright February 1 do we form loop stretches her Be the first and very carefully see if you that's so beautiful pigtail you just a pinch two fingers here these your 2 polovinochku and just retract right here in here in 2 these two pigtails You do not need to do a lot of movement gained loop and pulled even just about once in two You see she entered we We took a loop and immediately
  • 04:04: as it pulled into previous ip and see another nuance is very important that when the output stitch thus the product this here is your krasotischa should not be tight ie loop here so here manner alive not clamp you need to let it here such dangles why because If you do not want drawn here this weld it to your retracted and thus was then you need to krasivenko in so make it a little bit ducks hanging on
  • 04:34: spokes we need beautiful seam us not need any sborochka our yes to the seam of our products we need to make it krasotischa so we provyazyvaem even a little yes see, I have two I pulled pigtails once in 2 1 2 3 again that is on Actually it is very easy and most cool it
  • 05:05: very nice here I simply beautiful really like when all nice when it Well look at product but from the front side and even with a wrong beautiful I get to end reached the end Zadar is now and here I have it remained this loop I cut and the remaining thread Now this loop I just here and pull
  • 05:36: all I have stretched thread stretched and now we I turned a seam this thread if you You do it in the product And, well, you just communicate with other thread and all is now well, look at. they are here this turned out to be Well here's a second side a car was Well, well, type machine sewing and it's you their golden
  • 06:06: handles so beautiful made so that's the edge you get beautiful Now turn over to face and reveal our booklet we it well whose products are usually smoothes iron They then look well just Ideally all is not visible seam if we and stretch and that is our the seam is visible if it contrasting color suddenly you order by to design the joints They were of a different color really look It looks nice but just krasotischa seam
  • 06:36: which is connected to the same color as well, all It is simply nothing not seen here such Beauty turns on product I was knitting products I I'm telling you, I often just that way is how the cross-linking this is how it looks in an article in itself sho such a seam st such as when there is both and the product itself is not to which I otshivala It opened so again drew him here and so
  • 07:06: she looks in this stretched state and in the normal condition in which she's there I'm wearing Statement here such a beautiful show one more plus this seam if you need it disassemble to disband this seam so then from that I like the way it what he is all is very I'm easy see see here Reputation us yes and here This thread is coming out of the loop what I do I get Now this thread just
  • 07:36: I pull out and you know what I Now I will make one traffic just wanted it represent and here that I ' like why because well again is not working if you are wrong It is not sewn I sell back again embroider clear dissolve all of this with regard to cross-linking I believe in you, you are my you all good will you fellows all you good
  • 08:06: I welcome your wish I like waiting for your that you share this video subscribe to subscribe channel our group light collection by Svetlana Kolomeets on Facebook and VKontakte I am waiting for you remark offers questions I will answer all email I love you embrace all as long as we are good