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  • 00:00: greetings to all fans of knitting on my video channel Today I suggest you master the technique knitted stitching knitted suture hook it very simple and which is an easy way gives here a imperceptible result pay attention to on the front side seam and I so that the seam It appears on the reverse sides chewable knitted 2
  • 00:35: items we We turn them on the wrong side Now we need to dissolve the side pigtail left parts to this it was easy to do when you close we reserve stitches and not close last loop take out carefully thread and We look to us not budded
  • 01:06: very detail so we are only to dissolve the first loop on the upper thread we pull and Now we leave we can dissolve side braid makes it very easy, we just to hook and gently crochet braids loop thus freeing them way to dissolve needed until the very end
  • 01:36: Now we begin to sew two pieces First, we introduce hook into blooming loop the lowermost loop and then we will introduce hook a pigtail right details like this and so picks up
  • 02:07: loop and introducing the hook a pigtail right Details now we you need to pick up more one loop to the left parts and knit, and and on the wrong side We introduce the hook again a pigtail swoop following dissolute and loop provyazyvaem it again
  • 02:37: on the wrong side so we like would restore Left side pigtail details on the reverse the right hand part note that for this did not necessary auxiliary thread In addition one of the advantage of this method is if you decide someday dissolve your
  • 03:07: products that the product you You can not embroider begin to dissolve products will blossom with this seam which is very convenient since when stitched details needle to begin with We need to find a course the same All the ends of which They were well hidden sometime so we provyazyvaem
  • 03:39: the last loop and is already Now this loop we closing via thread please vnemanie a neatly turned with purl stitch side and how he He became the front sides on the front side seam you are quite noticeable see it only by the fact that the details
  • 04:09: They have been linked to different color