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  • 00:00: a lot of people ask me so what's your favorite color well guys my favorite color is lipid grunt because I it is sexy B it is timeless in fashion and C when I wear it it makes me feel like a powerful cut so today I'm gonna show you how to make leopard print braid leopard print braid it's a thing and we're gonna make it you will need cling wrap clean details a Breton and a rolling pin all these ingredients check the description for
  • 00:32: the measurement don't keep asking me Suze L how much flour do I need in the description always with a recipe in a bowl mix the flour salt yeast and sugar together add the milk and stir to form a rough dough add the softened butter and knead it in knead the dough for about 20 minutes knead may need me go only need me very therapeutic eyes it's like going to a psychologist make it in horse one
  • 01:03: often about orbiting a world place to do I point out the other horse flirt a little bit and we're gonna add cocoa powder a little bit of milk like I'm playing in the mud orbit pop off in a bowl cover it let it rise in a nice warm place pop on some rubber gloves because this sport can get messy I've made this dog dry out of mixing them food colorings green blue and rate Mike in a little Bowl like a squishy squid black look pop it
  • 01:33: in a bowl cover it and wait for it to rise and now we wait look at this the ball is already divided your bollocks into six smaller bolus of each color put these boilers aside and I'm going to cover it with a damp paper but I wanted to draw out make a snake with a brown
  • 02:05: down and flatten out the black place the brown snake on top and wrap it roll it now flood on the white and repeat the process now we have a multi-layered snake cute I'm now rolling out the snake so that I can like six legs into twelve snakes and pinch it closed now stack the dowel snakes on top of each other pinch the ends together it pinch em doc spread gently lift it up pop it into the brayton cover it and let it rise for
  • 02:36: button out look at this brush it with a little bit of milk and pop it in the oven for 25 minutes the bread is ready so close it isn't normal bread its leopard print if you liked this video make sure to
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