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Sewing lessons for beginners. Blouse: a vmyotyvaniye and stitching of a sleeve with assembly - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: hi i am already showed you how penetrate the sleeve with planting and how download nonstop and hands Today we will sweep the hand in with the assembly which I fulfilled by machine way the length of the casing was pulled off that long armhole when there is an assembly
  • 00:30: it is always important to know her borders start and end as well as the length of the section assemblies in finished form smile circular assembly so I I do it only at the fur coat when the assembly is ready I investing armhole Attention cut Sleeves and armholes for this stage is not necessary at me the cut is processed since I plan
  • 01:02: use another tailoring the technology but about her a little bosch food pins hands several pins 4 is enough and alternating between your honey usual and zasrepochnye rhymes and
  • 01:32: Here is the result in honey its not ordinary way second sleeve prepared by the same way but now I I'll show you completely another way
  • 02:03: wrapping I will cloak over the armhole at this armhole and means sleeves are desirable immediately process such as a role seam or attack start with the overlay the highest point of a cotton before of the shoulder seam was looking for his sleeve and blogging with a pin then I chop off the bottom point Cavities and armholes 2 more spaces on
  • 02:34: kill also alternating ordinary and zasrepochnye rhymes completion of the edge quality of work to what not sleeves
  • 03:06: in the usual way was considered will understand waybills if the platform the machine is removed uncheck lines in what does not their 2 will be pave through the face products that is, from the side assembly in this case preferably assembly lines and a line in his honey neya were between no stitches
  • 03:37: sleeves after honing Once again we check quality of work then remove the herring Levitine arte recent operations finishing line on Ogre sleeves she should also be between two lines which was a summer residence arm and again check quality
  • 04:08: do not forget attach to the beginning and lining and subscribe to my channel that's all for today I waiting for your feedback and like you was after faith in Olkhov I'll see you till a