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  • 00:00: There the girl friend is fine with you. I'm juliana souza and I come to do for you today a different video, right? novelty coming around now in beginning of 2016 I came to bring you guys a face. different is to run several various tips ideas of what can be done with this embroidery on the rhinestones mantle is fine simple very very very easy anyone can do anybody give It's very easy to do that, I do.
  • 00:31: I want to greet you with the peace of Lord come to bring a word of God We 're starting our year. well, I'm happy, I do not want to bring for you here in Romans 12 in the verse also 12 maybe it will not focus but if it is not for you to read in your house where is saying here rejoice in hope thirst patients in tribulation in prayer persevering
  • 01:03: I 'll tell you today about perseverance and hope here also in regrets in the Chapter 3 there in verse 25 like this good is the Lord for those who wait for he to the soul that always seeks him Talking here, people of hope are
  • 01:33: there is another verse also that I I want to bring you what is Philippians 3 13 rock filipe ps3 13 on Philippians 3 13 say so it's brothers about me not I judge to see it achieved but one thing
  • 02:06: easy and being one of the things that behind remain and advance to those that I am he has a chapter 14 that the verse 14 which is very nice also that says so I proceed to the target for the sovereign calling of god in Christ Jesus and I want to tell you both of mine Friends that tell me youtube, right?
  • 02:37: share my kids on facebook that you continue to want to continue waiting on you because you have difficulty we all have it is a year there that all say that no one has been was a difficult year and 2015, now 2016 will be a difficult year I want to cancel this in the name of Jesus. I want to tell you that this year is going to be blessed a year a blessed year for you because our hope
  • 03:09: can not be in men our hope can not be in the things our hope comes from the Lord nor do we have to deposit our trust in you because if people The search for God is strengthened, right? we can beat and crews win over our problems everybody has problem everyone has difficulty is no one is exempt from going through difficulty we all have we not we believe that you know the Bible speaks we believe and believe is sure
  • 03:40: of what our eyes have not yet it comes even though our eyes have not yet be alive but I believe in a miracle from the lord to our nation of our country is for the life of us all Brazilian and in the name of Jesus that be a blessed year that is a year prosperous with lots of health and peace with many achievements that you jesus come and transform our country the authorities of our country are
  • 04:10: achieved by the mercy of the Lord so that everything will get better for us But we have to believe and pray. trust in you enough to stay, enough to stay complaining enough to be pessimistic let's go be the team Let's write, let's look at the eyes of faith, we want to attract things Good, it 's a kiss for you guys. big hug and let's what I'm going show you have the following will Need Needle and nylon thread aaa
  • 04:41: the thickness is what you choose can be all the more stupid with How much thinner? Here I used what is here, okay? but need not necessarily be although there is no line that Do you use any of that? and is ideal because it will be transparent it will not appear this is a file that already understand well Then I'll apply then I'll go measure from one end to the other tip
  • 05:14: I'm going to measure and I'll cut my blanket. back when the concierge is there I I cut two rows and you see This one I already cut with three so you can do with 2 with 3 with four I was having the idea in my head was bustling with ideas I thought to do even with the crown format put here a cutting that by making a format a crown is like a crown here and do this same process
  • 05:45: approaching legs in the blanket to give a Crown feeling will get much beautiful to put around coke of Ballerina's bride to do as if It was a crown, it's really worth doing. baby's playthrough then the thickness that looks at your blanket is going to be the way that Do you want to air with the people border until the end is until the last risk that we are going to address because it will look good under your little foot there we will make a tiara for
  • 06:15: bb must have a rubber band on the behind to enter the head of the baby right here and then O we will not put it does not go to approach the leg in the end we go leave a little finger here without placing the Leg for us to be able to do that. elastic splice I have others videos just sit on my channel you will see to make the amendment with elastic here to take be able to stretch and enter the baby then there are several can only be bracelet to happen, do not act
  • 06:45: talks to the people who are used in marriage to the godmother can make the Hand Strap Uses Child Belt for child's bbb waist then it can from here can be used with various kinds of things so on the creativity of each of you so I guess I already said a lot more come on that it was necessary that everything this idea is right so let's start and I gave nonni to So you can cut a
  • 07:16: very large line is in the right size It's not here, I already have it on my line between the plaid or rhinestones is because It's going to be difficult, I'll record it on my cell phone. I do not know if you're not can see has a plastic film behind the blanket So we're going to thread a needle through down the road here so let's stay on the first call when I pull the new is here to stay as My name is, but what if you are? seeing with my noc
  • 07:48: who wants to give a penguin of cola tek Bond here just to hold the knot. put of a drop of tek bond glue goes necklace then it is that this charge here I will put her on the baby ax so that's what I told you I go back because I 'm going to need a space for the finishing of the elastic then can not have pearl Thursday I will skip 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 I go to jump 6 is to do the finishing is
  • 08:21: This one from here I went until the end because It was placed in a small bowl arc ok This one from here I'll put it here for you. see result So here you go here after I I left and left here for do the finishing after we go pick up the screen the size you Wish there are people that will find so I'll put the 56 pieces can put as much as you want I I put three
  • 08:52: and can put even a tiny pinch later if you want come into my van photo album see her I did with a model different I put it from the little 2001 that the It's cute where I left here, okay ? I'll count three again on a 23 I'm going to go in here, then I'll put the leap three I jumped 3 I'm going to get on the other side I'm going make a zig zag out of that side
  • 09:24: So I'm going to put in three more victories. if you want to go alternating putting two put different pearls toggle on one side you put the road has those behind sewing You can put it behind sewing. here you go is actually a way embroidery on the blanket so the idea will generating creativity therein the effect huh and I'm going to leave the side of here we are
  • 09:57: practically this has nothing left There are people who do the zig zag all the time. and then you come back by putting the ball then you'll have a ball of side as well as the other it will be It's full, it's beautiful to put on a bride. a luxury people have no idea how it is which is beautiful for bridal coke for to do as if it were a bridal crown is wonderful It is a very weak work and it is a easy and beautiful job well done
  • 10:28: I counted 31 23 at last I'm proud of the there and I'll do that Guisard O tá It's like I said later if you want to put yes and fill in is just refill so there is no secret maybe when I posted the photo on facebook saying I was going to make video many girls I'm sure they are
  • 10:58: very smart should have taken there the information must have caught the tip is just to look at photos for us to have a notion right, we do not have secret I know we'll do it here until in the end that same end comes thing of ours to do a shot 61 of the and whenever you have finished a penguin of cola tek bond just to assert that there is no danger of to dismantle because sometimes people
  • 11:29: burns anyway you usually let go So just to make sure only consult the opinion of the technician dunga the continuous and not loose too this person said so ah but I want one It's the easiest thing to do. you will see this idea is because this here already You can do a lot of different things with the size of the balls here and amount you will get out if
  • 11:59: You 'll make 223 in three of four in four will give an effect different but the process is the same Seeing now if I want to go back, let's go. Suppose I'm going back so fill in there always coming back even a little hole will fill will an tiara be filled already filled hour How beautiful it looks
  • 12:29: then you can fill it with rhinestones also in the little holes can put strasbourg 15 that they bring back from sewing can put pearl of different color to highlight it will generate I have not done it yet but I'm with the idea of making a crown as I said cut the blanket in the only crown shape to see what will turn I'm very curious to do
  • 13:00: O seeing this same idea So you already understood right now. I'll show you how to glue We have to glue together well. hot because manta distracts his coca
  • 13:30: glue hot or with superbonder is what's up bong but until good, you have to be careful because it stains the fabric so I do not advise this much work despite being a glue excellent but for this job not so as not to run the risk of tarnishing work you are here to be passed the bon joon the hot glue and it goes putting this from here you can put
  • 14:02: how would you take it out of your head and give to use as an accessory for the bride was on top of her head as if it were a crown and makes a gorgeous hairstyle coming out curls here behind here can Finish with tapes here inside to to tie a ribbon and to fasten on the bride's hair You'll put it like I think it already
  • 14:33: talk in other videos I do not know if in this if someone who has not yet You know my work, you already know it, but I I really like using Velcro velcro is great for fixing hair well to stick does not slip depending on the air but will do that ballerina accessory and uses the euro dropped down
  • 15:11: it was one end until the other is ready the velcro attachment it goes well on well put tape on the edges and put as if it were a crown upon the The bride's head of the lady looks beautiful and can use as normal markers the Accessory comes with a little flower side politics Who wants to use just as well? interesting ne
  • 15:42: so girls are for today only I hope that you have enjoyed a Short for me I need to enjoy you need to know if you are liking my video you can share feel free and this is it subscribe to my channel because there you will stay inside all the videos that I make you will be notified and I count on the curtain of you look good God bless and until the next video bye bye