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Walls in kitchen it is simple, cheap and effective  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends today I want to tell you about how we have a trick We can use to kitchen, I now kitchen am I here here here is when the walls decorated texturally and that is, it is not tiles and paint to is not responding water in the kitchen is as you know is not very well because oil moisture water so in this case that we to do when here it is I have all confidence the final version after we you behind the plate after ordinary plaster we
  • 00:31: treated water kai emulsion itself cheap vodoemulsionkoy the there is no do not take such dear allegedly waterproof is washable much more worth Is latex still much more worth ordinary water village another plus but some snow-white fundamental role supposed to play at the really snowy does should not be because it is still sooner or later white color we only White a beginning, he still the same then
  • 01:02: not with the times and in general, the human eye to the difference is not seen completely snowy or she just so white take the cheapest usually we will duckling ceilings which even to respond to it is not erased such a stable and just passing the conventional primer in our case many stand vodoemulsionkoy It will be a normal cheap vodoemulsionku
  • 01:33: treated just primer several times flow primer we is roughly 1 10 pro and I just We need one say a bottle of use the whole apartment several times mistaken for ears enough so just on several occasions process such surface so way swelled not is absolutely protected by washable wall all here Of course many will Moisture and fat so of course you need to in
  • 02:03: kitchen walls protected by friends and it is very important to know that primer liquid on like water so if we will process the wall roller likely the result will be very bad roll will run just now, these jet will be immediately absorbed and will congeal portrait of ugly not Center to do so I propose to work just brush let it be slowly but the result is very
  • 02:34: and good eats much is enough will not sag and thus wall when it dries will wander it is washable still shine beautifully