How to knead hard putty for creation of a bas-relief on a wall.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Good day today, I I'll show you how kneaded putty in Generally there is nothing in the This complex but at the However, action or light and nuances on I wanted to pay attention which is knowledge handy 1 nuances First place prize must first pour water and its already put putty naturally the question arises how much to water to get right the amount of filler
  • 00:31: So you need to water pour volume two times less than that the amount of filler that you you need to get impose putty and do not throw a computer once a little it splashing done in order that it immediately opportunities to
  • 01:01: sputum advancing until until I get like this Now evenly bombarded over water Now layer roughcast the need to putty leave for a few minutes usually stand
  • 01:31: plasterers are smoking at this moment the Tatars unit I will show all here occurs while Well here is a relief I create on Feodosia modern generosity I recently covered relief Shpak county so the primer moist until and
  • 02:02: but not so impressive looks this pipe from the fireplace rude as it is called still here technology have of the flap in order
  • 02:34: how to hide something It had been invented here are used here such metal lining here ash pit or well technological hole is It will also be covered to somehow counterbalance accidentally hit metal
  • 03:05: objects were introduced here are a fragment from metal that too may eventually It played out in the general story and somehow be implanted in Sheli picture Well after a since I sleep putty It passed around a little
  • 03:36: more than 5 minutes and we we see that almost all She was soaked by the way I I forgot to say that on of which layer putties will be over water level there intercedes depends In fact, she whose consistency she received eventually Now I take the sleepers literally several movements and now look note this is
  • 04:09: putty state here it is wet just wet here here she was in this parts and tremble wreath since in construction ceased I used plaster To make a bend silhouette and putty plaster here almost channel somewhere in a secret gypsum can stay
  • 04:40: practically long implicated no cures that is, if gypsum thus moisten it is not he can not harden few hours and as you did raskhoduesh stir year part you need the rest is wet and it does not It hardens very we the entire amount This putty themselves that is placed here
  • 05:13: it is ready to eat and advantage of this kneading method when you use to stirring all only a few movement is putty for a long time left everything and applications are not freezes when but can not be used also careful such disturb them too bite hardens
  • 05:43: much faster than weight, and stir manually several hand motions Thank you for your attention to labor