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Video for children - Masha and CHEERFUL SCHOOL NEW - Tools and repair of the route for Vspysh  See details »

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  • 00:00: cheerful that open lesson we run rather already angry bell bang antosh 123 learn and play look cheerful school hello are you ready for the lesson what is it screwdriver what is it hammer what is this saw
  • 00:39: and all this together tools mean today in gay we will repair go see how much machines to whom here
  • 01:10: need to repair the nose broke the wire look from what crack here in total because everything is clear help where my instruments thank you peppa come on
  • 01:47: see what she does brought a hammer pliers of trowels and we'll fix the saw route first pull out an extra bolt carefully
  • 02:20: almost hooked happened and now we'll think about that do with a crack to us need a flash crashed can ride
  • 02:54: thanks, great there is no Still need help in repair my look at this machine has a body cab no let's it
  • 03:24: Let's find in my the launch box mechanism buses of a kind you here and found found found we put its in place is perfect is suitable
  • 03:55: but this machine has that It happened lo here the wheel is a here and no wheel are attached here these bolts so this is your bolt we found in the highway stand I'll look for him now wheel
  • 04:25: car earring here I am grew as you think this wheel will fit no, she is very small looking for more shot down plane I see Look, I found something that necessary
  • 04:57: trying on but to twist bolt I need a screwdriver but in my there are no tools for it peppa you can bring me screwdriver while a while peppa is looking for
  • 05:29: screwdriver let's see the cartoon doctor of machine there will be a blue road car he is always is reconstructed from one band to another at the traffic lights now will turn yellow am blue car instead of stay added speed
  • 06:00: he will not be in time red light abruptly brakes accident you can not so ride it Dangerous you can not go on by yourself tow truck drove please broken car in body shop doctor machine wai
  • 06:30: oh how much work can not be violated
  • 07:07: rules of road of movement okay do not worry we will begin survey bent suspension broken wind the glass crumpled the hood the headlight fell out and radiator grille first find the headlight which one to choose or this or that
  • 07:40: such a correct last approached now straighten the suspension and put on new wheel without losing it more and what about the hood fifth part will have
  • 08:18: replace the motor suffered but engine oil is needed pour choose a new hood
  • 08:49: this will suit us this not this one is not is suitable, and this is what need and now paint it peace we need color
  • 09:29: purple no blue further wind glass throwing too old
  • 10:06: and establish a new but here's the grille radiator machine as a new you you can go but not break more rules of road traffic on the road be careful when it's time say goodbye to the doctor
  • 10:36: vy machine to new meetings five places all the noise I understand you do not seen here passed the flight is the same as me it
  • 11:06: to find about the pyramid here it will not be lost from here but look at the peppa
  • 11:51: what did she bring me now we can tighten the bolt how should ready you can go you can fix it their toys or see another
  • 12:22: transfer is cheerful school right now till