Nelli Rubanova

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Hood on a button. Make look slender. We knit a hook.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Welcome to this project we It needs fat yarn We make the air I loop on the hook I use hook 9 millimeters if You do not yarn so thick You can use 2 friction in the yarn that you have and we collect a chain of stitches and if an adult person per recruit
  • 00:31: 70 If a teenager is somewhere 60 price baby can be even less so I will recruit 70 I dial another lifting loop and Now provyazyvayu number columns, without sc and enter into the second loop on the hook I grab the thread
  • 01:03: get two of these I grab the thread thread I turned a and so we continue to end of the chain to second dial number another loop recovery overturn knitting and continue knit columns without sc in the second loop from the hook and the rear wall of I continue to knit
  • 01:36: always behind the back the great wall for those who just beginning to write because very easy to order I knit on the 18 series if you do not knit adult teenager or child accordingly a little less than you know I made a series of 21 instead of 18 before I
  • 02:07: knitted from another yarn and 18 were enough so death 21 is a series of now I I did not finish I use knitting hook bind here and so together you cut and sew these pieces together tips hide knitting and cut you want
  • 02:38: to say if you use another Yarn other hook size roughly so at I have here 24 centimeters in length where some 44 centimeters so now here I am I sewed a button You may well do 2 or 3 and I will not do loops because I have rather large
  • 03:08: holes that is, I just like this here I can button zip and that's all Our hood is ready