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RELIABLY and WITHOUT KNOT! How to connect threads when knitting by spokes #ВязаниеСпицами from Lana Vi - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: devchonochka my all hello thank you great for stopping to my channel Today I want to show one ways I I connect the thread at knitting or tying rather here in this the way I do not I associate namely connect Before we start I also want to say that my favorite way yarn connection so during threads Knitting is output side seam that is well here or here that I
  • 00:30: I give priority to the I love when there's knitted fabric It has no no connections it is ideal for me but situations are different you know It is not enough Then thread the way knitting on circular also one of the spokes options because there no side seams so I use a few me favorite ways two and one of them is here Now I'll show you
  • 01:00: I joined here in this way three times Well here's a look for both interest where do you think these connection I have now will turn inside out I will show you exactly where they turn I see girls united here three times once this is the second times and that's the third time I see here I turn that is Here's that party at
  • 01:30: I have no connections and here here here focused and I see now you I show everyone Connect close We start with the first here She put a finger here you show here It here March 2 loop February 3 girls loop on second here it is also here Here are 2 3 loops no longer
  • 02:01: and recently Well yes to garter Well here in general Here is such a visual result obtained show I'm doing well then I'll tell where it can be used as where it is impossible because every rule there are exceptions I mean look here dovyazala to the place where I need to connect I ragged thread
  • 02:31: I leave here about such Yarn remnant thread here as well, Well 7 centimeters Well, at approximately eye and a I cut about Now I leave and the other thread's Now on-site middle of this I'm segment see how easy so here
  • 03:01: I twist hope can be seen well and clear and everything very easy to like this you see a kink or went too call it what you want now I'm a little bit curl look so here in different hand slightly twisted and see I put between my two fingers here It is for the middle,
  • 03:32: where I keep rather adhere to compound and thus way here and so have I have it all on spokes I provyazyvayu somewhere two loops without the 2 well ie from one thread Still 1 but double thread that's it twisted at the junction of I I shoot a maximum of 3 So I see loop
  • 04:02: Knit 1 st the second loop and now Now look, I see She went to her the junction here Now she was here, she if it is a little I have untwisted so here I tighten up firstly why because well, confuse first point second point still the same two thread when you get them here
  • 04:33: and so wring they are the same diameter ie reduced you need to bring it the diameter of one strand and provyazyvayu further but I as I say somewhere 3 loop maximum as time on site connection still here can barely here So podkruchu and a third loop I provyazyvayu like this Now it all spinning back I leave on the wrong side
  • 05:03: one yarn guide residue But the second and more knitting in the usual way this is my place see connection first as a segment to or a radical of the yarn 2 between three loops Now I'll take up end of row and show
  • 05:34: you to the front side so I here these dovyazala Now the corner of his possible pull Now connection here's my turn finger these three loop here here here our connection Now I have knit 23 series and then you more detail tell why I was so
  • 06:05: do because she the idea is good it to me like but what if Well here it is necessary as a everywhere need to learn that is, that's up to here one thread to continue and the other is here our connection point 3 loops 1 2 3 does not even have here they are now! minute so they 1 2 3 here they are, in general it
  • 06:38: It looks like coffee sorry yet and then I like a dog always sleeps next girls exclusion first look exception course This method is suitable not for all kinds of yarn that is, if the yarn slippery say here It is usually summer or certainly more natural silk is the way to It is not suitable and
  • 07:08: The second exception This method does not not suitable even for Logically, to openwork pattern that is, if it's all Che is very holes Of course it's not suitable or not to all what is possible apply but if there will facial painting or here in my case Shawl mated here tusit but it will come look carefully how is it because these moments of need
  • 07:38: consider Now with respect to see tips if you link us connect it to the node Anyway tips there is do they not get to this in this embodiment, way but there are also tips no assembly and that's what I then I do there is little crop the Well, as always somewhere one centimeter of my I loved the length leave and then we
  • 08:08: gently hook here here's to the web hide as a result, I get almost exactly seamy side Well, of course you can look but sometimes find very successfully obtained hide and do not even seen a face I I think that a very Well now I but still I tried Now just here on threads show look the girls and I tried
  • 08:38: For example here I I said here and so yes so join a minute's connect like that somewhere 7 centimeters in total length then rolled and I I tried here this here full-length to get involved in cloth is It is obtained somewhere on June 7 loops you know ugly they themselves very issue here are three tabs, and they certainly less
  • 09:09: yes they are twisted just not as noticeable But if it is 67 loops due to the fact and that the thread course twisted seen I tried and less twisted and so a little bit but you you know, too, when a lot of loops in a row here here on all this here length is also much that is me this option is not very like all if my devchonochka
  • 09:39: you like results please I think you try not accommodate if not worse than mine better idea works good result youth over 30 years they I take all ok all right Thank you for attention really I love you and to new appointments