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How to make multiple copies roses an air otvodka. Easy and fast way.  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello today we will do air layering on roses using which one and a half of the month sometimes even month with a very large and you can get fat fully aware that us for this need soil the soil should be I took the easy example sawdust which four year of mixed land also half liter cup which is cut in
  • 00:30: it cut hole tape that we we will strengthen glass and kornevin kornevin powder also yet we do cut it knife then we first remove leaves under kidney is important for
  • 01:01: kidney we do circular incision and remove the bark remove bark width 2 centimeter when the roses bloom in full swing car It removed very easily When Rosa yet blooming the Koran is not be removed and you will not You can achieve
  • 01:31: The results further we take in kornevin this case AAP adds dream only the upper part we made a kidney further dress cup dress hole cup
  • 02:02: groups we need to bottom already provides for to wind because rather stem good to come in and cup sat well overtake Valley take and glue the I also I take a little Scotch tape and secured
  • 02:32: glass bottom parts on the stem for to under the load he did not hardly began See the cup the cut must be in the center a glass top is not not down pour ground mound slightly pride Tram I compacts
  • 03:02: so that the stem was strictly in the middle Stuckey after IVF we water and mulch hey mulching chopped herbs lawn and all times
  • 03:34: week we check Do not dry if dried up the field and four five weeks if the roots We are well established cut at cup shorten up and disembark as the full bush Thank you for attention subscribe to my Like channel Insert if you like then this video