Preparation of cheese from goat milk in house conditions  See details »

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  • 00:00: straight cold milk pour citric acid Aha I fall asleep dessert spoon approximate pacu a spoonful of lemon acid all condiments milk is kneaded us to change milk acidity after milk citric stood
  • 00:30: acid for ten minutes I had a little He warmed up and that's heated to 35 to 35 Well-a-half degrees normally should be 35 I sometimes overheats a little milk to 37 but clot anyway normally turns then I take on commissioning boiled and ostuzhennoy well, it is desirable to water temperature was about somewhere 25-27 degrees for enzyme dilution
  • 01:01: I use an enzyme Japanese is mita very comfortable and very cheap here 100 liter bag and I poured into a spoon that's just about 5 liters of milk here all here is a small amount of I stir with cold boiled water then pour in the milk
  • 01:32: after left pit is sure We need 2-3 minutes to prevent uniform distribution enzyme after two or three minutes be in the way I leave for forming clots clot ready It turned out quite
  • 02:02: busy here and He added a little cardamom and so chop cut out arbitrarily transverse incisions
  • 02:42: then to the grain make a sword and react here such motion is decreased grains obtained enough to
  • 03:15: Why it boasts itself We need to grind grain to better future laminating it separates only Now all a bit grain and put another sera grain night
  • 03:51: unstuck from Serum again connected live knead next stage must be removed little surplus the amount of serum not what I'm doing convenient to take a little a boy and a possible tour in Basically even third
  • 04:21: of the serum to cheese It was more dense harder I do 2 heating I now heating Monster cheese cheese grains and up to 40 degrees Well thermometer 42 shows a display Make a paste with constant stirring the grain and it is now possible
  • 04:52: corn send to pressing additional colander I use to Now draw a This form generally intended for spoons forks in it serves to us cheese making more so with a slotted spoon
  • 05:24: stop heating not to overheat and spread cheese weight just such a comfortable
  • 06:40: We have cut a little covering leaves a chic press And so here's another stand up hour with our example cheese and then we and another better to have the mic we add here and so and Well here already strengthened millimeters of
  • 07:11: accounts now there are
  • 07:42: cheese and just a tick prosolit