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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends are in touch with you Claudia Root and today we will prepare donuts donuts donuts from a simple test, here I have 200 grams of water who is not who of course wants to be fattest could you lie Milk is lodged but I on the water they also scold fried so watch the spoon Sahara a little salt and 20 I put yeast in yeast in a warm place to
  • 00:30: yeast has dissolved and here yeast for me already blossomed I added another 200 a gram of warm water took 450 grams of flour sifted and now I want to knead this dough for donuts bears on donut they are not needed it's just us baking to bake eggs there Milk here will be
  • 01:01: so everything in fat bake so that superfluous We do not need fats such a dough Mix and put in let the warm place we will do well prepare the cottage cheese for our donuts here I am
  • 01:32: took cottage cheese here threw 2 yolks and one and a half probably spoons like this enough sugar and I I mix it all up well this will be our Donut stuffing and here is our dough I approached the table on smeared with oil vegetable dough here poured out
  • 02:02: and now we will divide our father . for ours donuts what do we do next? we put on
  • 02:37: middle of cottage cheese and pinch like this we will tear out our donut loaded our donuts are already butter and when our fried
  • 03:07: donuts from both parties and simply their get it and here's a the mountain of tips is mine It turned out and now we will pour a little powdered sugar and our donuts on a platelet and serve it we have them with condensed sweet milk appetite and good luck to you